Things to do in Sri Lanka in the month of March


Looking for best things to do in Sri Lanka in March? The month of March in Sri Lanka is also a good time for a vacation if you are looking to unwind and bask in the sun at a secluded spot on a sun kissed beach or if you are merely looking forward to add some travel change to your globetrotting patterns. Sri Lanka is anyhow a country that can be visited throughout the year and still manage to find almost every type of weather if you get to travel well.

Throughout March you will be able to encounter high temperatures which would no doubt be favourable enough if you want to experience some beach time or even to just enjoy the warmth of the sun, which during this time would tend to be a wee bit hotter than expected. The month of March is somewhat dry throughout whilst the hilly areas stay slightly chilled out with just the right amount of coolness.

Whale-watching down south (must do on your list of things to do in Sri Lanka in March)


Due to years of conflict from a civil war that prevailed for nearly three decades and after this war came into a culmination in the year 2009, a number of recreational avenues opened up with the country overseeing projects and infrastructural changes swiftly propelled and is still going on, be it sporadically or otherwise. But Sri Lanka has embraced the need for change and exclusivity.

Whale-watching in Sri Lanka has become quite a sought out activity amongst local and foreign tourists alike. During the month of March, the best area to go to for whale-watching would be travelling towards the southern part of the country; Bentota and Hikkaduwa.

A number of passenger vessels and boating services are accessible for transport purposes depending on the area and schedule of the sightings. Whale-watching in areas of Bentota and Hikkaduwa could give you a glimpse of dolphins and blue whales once you get to the rightful point of vantage.

Revive a melodic sense at the Galle/Jaffna Music Festival


Galle and Jaffna Music Festival gives you a musical synthesis amalgamated with folk, classical and contemporary musical elements to name but a few. The pattern of the event occurs every year and alternates between the two main districts; Galle and Jaffna. Last year (2015) the event took place in Jaffna. Therefore, this year’s sister event is scheduled to happen in Galle.

A point that needs to be highlighted is the fact that the event manages to enthuse and entice the public to join in and come together as one community and enjoy interactive and thought-provoking moments with the participants. A good young crowd of local and international musicians and artistes congregate at the often open-aired experience. Dates haven’t been confirmed yet but Sri Lanka’s events calendar will notice an update every time an event will be sanctioned.

Hot air balloon + fly over Sigiriya = just stunning!


So yes, riding on a hot air balloon is a life experience that just has to occur at least once in your life and this is a another must do in Sri Lanka in March. Who wouldn’t want to try that out, right? And of course, being airborne above Sri Lanka is something that will always hold you close to the island nation’s heart and soul. Even better, Sri Lanka holds this week-long flying festival in adjacency to the areas of Sigiriya, Hambantota and Colombo. So, what you will get to witness is a vibrant pop-up of a blue sky tinged with blots of colour and that too, in breath-taking clusters. You just have got to see this and maybe get to capture a nice selfie in the process!

So you know what to do in Sri Lanka in March, For inquires contact Olanka Travels. Check our Sri Lanka itinerary for 2 weeks which will ideal in March.

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