Hot Air Balloon Tour in Sri Lanka: 5 Tips to Consider Before Arranging


Wondering how to do hot air balloon in Sri Lanka? A Hot Air Balloon tour in Sri Lanka is a mesmerizing, glamourous way to explore the island. Hot air ballooning is a fun, air-based flight experience that’s safe, thrilling and memorable. Embark on a stunning hot air balloon ride over the island and be treated to a variety of landscapes as you watch the tropical island gently move past from below you. Flying over the cultural triangle and the rugged jungle, grab your binoculars and look out for the majestic elephants roaming across the national parks, wild buffaloes grazing in paddy fields or the myriad of birds flying alongside you. Or see whether you can spot the iconic fortress in the sky in Sigiriya or one of the many ancient Buddhist temples in Anuradhapura. At the end of your flight, you can enjoy a spot of breakfast or champagne before being transferred back to your hotel; expect the pilot to join you for a celebratory drink after a successful flight!

1. Get Help For Hot Air Balloon Tour in Sri Lanka

Enlisting the service of a travel agency like Olanka Travels to sort you through the booking and organising phase of your hot air balloon tour can take an immense load of stress from you, especially if you’re new to the island. A travel agency will also ensure your hot air balloon experience is seamless and everything is taken care of, from the transfers and pickups, to meals and accommodation. Travellers to the island will need to understand the best times, places, and things to say to get everything organized. Hence, relying on the services of a travel agency will actually get you to where you want to go!

2. Best time to go

Unfortunately, there’s a season for hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka. This solely depends on the weather conditions. The months between November to May are generally known to bring about blue skies and light winds, with a rare chance of thunderstorms. The ideal weather for a hot air balloon ride is when there is 100% visibility and the winds aren’t too strong to blow the balloon too far away! The months from November to May have proved to be most reliable for hot air ballooning season. Most of the other months usually welcome bouts of unpredictable rain, fog, mist or strong winds; which makes it unsafe. Always remember to check with your travel agency before you book your tour whether the weather is pleasant and safe for flying.

3. Day or Dusk?

The ideal time to set sail into the blue sky, would be at the crack of dawn. Watch a dramatic sunrise from the clouds as you gently float amongst the clouds that await to welcome a new day. Although not as popular, hot air balloons don’t often fly during sunset, as it drops the level of visibility, thus making it quite dangerous. Always opt to embark on your tour in the morning. Pre booking your flights well in advance is also a requirement, if you don’t want to be disappointed later.

4. Preparations

Make sure to get ample sleep before your flight. Most companies will expect you to be at the departure area before 6am, which means you’ll have to be awake and on your way, well before that. Before you leave, always call and make sure, either with your travel agency or the hot air balloon company, whether the weather is safe for flying. Often, they would advise you or inform you in the morning if the weather conditions are bad and unsafe for flying, so be prepared for this too! You might have to alter your plans just incase the weather is being unruly and you can’t make it to your hot air balloon ride.

5. Attire

You might think that floating in the sky might get a bit too hot, but don’t be fooled. When you’re floating high above, winds can actually be quite cold and strong; compared to the winds you get on the ground. It’s recommended that you dress in layers, which means you can take anything off or put them back on if you get too cold or too warm. Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll need to be able to comfortably move around inside the basket area, or when landing, you might have to get off in the middle of a field! In addition, make sure all your loose items are safely fastened to yourself, that includes cameras, sunglasses, watches, jewellery, etc. However, items like hats should not be worn as there’s a high chance that it will fall off. Apply sunscreen before your flight!

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