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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also narrates the role that we can and should play in helping our society. In all our endeavors, we strive to make a positive impact on our society by helping people to live in safe and healthy environments where they can thrive and prosper. We believe this is a role that can only grow in importance.

Our tours are carried out with great care towards the communities and places we visit, respecting the cultural norms and environmental sustainability of each location. Olanka has always supported the communities where we operate, but the scale and rapid growth of our business today brings an even greater accountability to our operations. Through our CSR strategy, we strive to ensure that our growth happens in a responsible way and that we contribute to our communities in the most meaningful manner.

As a result, we are involved in a number of CSR projects, with a mission to take responsibility of serving our community and by consistently contributing to the development of these projects in order to meet the needs of those who are under-privileged.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsor a child

Another charitable endeavor that Olanka Travels has initiated is the "Sponsor a child" program. What we hope to do through this program is try and help children from rural and poverty stricken areas with their education and development. There are many children in the country who are unable to obtain an education because of the lack of various facilities.

Tourists who are interested in contributing to this program will get to know a local family during their stay in Sri Lanka. They will be able to see for themselves what the child is missing for an education and will be able to help if they desire to. They can do this by pledging to donate a small sum of money every month that will enable the child buy the books and stationary that he/she requires for school. This can be arranged to go directly from the person making the donation to the family.

Olanka will not be a part of the transactions, however, we will check on how the donations are being used and provide updates on the development of the child's education if necessary. When the guests that made the donation visit Sri Lanka again, they will be able to visit the family that they helped themselves and check on the developments that have taken place with their donations.

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Past Projects

Support Local Schools

By developing a strategy based on identifying ways to contribute to our local communities, we are building long-term CSR investment through the fulfillment of sustainable community projects.

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Build Houses

Shelter is one of the basic needs of people, yet in many rural areas in Sri Lanka, a large number of people do not have the luxury or are often living in poorly-built homes.

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Helping Deaf & Blind Locals

Olanka has an enduring commitment to working to fulfill our public responsibilities and to serve the needs of people in communities’ island wide.

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Food & Cloths for needed

Since its founding, Olanka has been firmly committed to active Corporate Social Responsibility and to addressing national challenges of education and poverty alleviation.

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Help a heart

We are passionate about improving the health of needy people. As a company, our CSR policy aligns with the corporate philosophy, which defines living and working together for common good.

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Water Tank & Tube Well

To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in Sri Lanka is something we truly care about and in doing so, we do our utmost to build a better, sustainable

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