Support Local Schools

By developing a strategy based on identifying ways to contribute to our local communities, we are building long-term CSR investment through the fulfillment of sustainable community projects. Through our dedication to local communities, we are able to support and assist the development of important social projects including supporting local schools.

We are pleased to work alongside young children across the regions in partnership with local schools to develop better educational facilities. Many schools around the island lack the most basic facilities, including chalkboards, books and stationery. Oftentimes, the school buildings in these areas are damaged, and face infrastructural problems, creating poorly-managed learning environments for students.

At Olanka, we identify local schools that suffer from such instances and offer our support by buying school supplies or conducting renovations for torn-down school buildings to improve enrollment of children and deliver quality education. Through donations, we are able to help these schools develop and provide students a better learning environment with improved facilities.

“ We belive making a positive differnce in our local community is our responsibility”

Ravindu Denawaka

Managing Director Olanka Travels

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