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Looking for event management companies in Sri Lanka? An event is a planned public or a social gathering, whereas event management is using project management to organize such social gatherings.

Today, everything around us is an event, let it be a life event like a wedding or any other social gathering such as an event in your school, office or your business, we want it to be organized precisely.

Whatever the event is, you deserve the best!

Event Management Companies in Sri Lanka

So why not hand over the organizing and the planning to an expert in the field? We at Olanka is willing to undertake any such event management need of our clients and assist them with the planning and organizing from the scratch to the end.

So keep on reading the article to educate yourself as to what event management actually is and furthermore to find out why you should choose Olanka Travels and what we really do in this field as a top event management companies in Sri Lanka.

Our earlier article was on meetings and conferences and this one is focused on events, so let me first sort out the difference between and event and a meeting.

All meetings are events but not all events are meetings.

The purpose of an Event would be to celebrate and these events could be either profitable or not profitable. Whereas a Meeting while being an event itself, differs from being an event given the fact that, a meeting functions with either educational or business purpose.

Why Choose Olanka Travels As Your Event Management Companies in Sri Lanka?

Our crew at Olanka Travels is passionate and is working with so much enthusiasm to give the best out of the best to our clients. Thus we guarantee that we will give you a peaceful time getting prepared for your big event.
Moreover we offer 24/7 customer support to our clients, hence you can at any time seek our support with regard to event planning and also we will be there all the time to look in to your event.

What we do!

The list is not exhaustive.

Olanka as a best event organizing companies in Sri Lanka is more than willing to help plan events such as weddings, entertainment events such as musical extravaganzas, Food festivals, art and crafts events, children’s events, events organized by schools, religious events and many more.

A list of things that our event managers will take responsibilities of is as follows;

  • Reserving Venue

When planning an event the biggest issue that you will face with is finding the perfect place to host your event. But if you have delegated the planning to us we would not only select the venue for you but also reserve it on behalf of you.

  • Transportation

We at Olanka will not only look after your transportation issues but also parking problems on the day of the event.

  • Provide entertainment

Our event planners will make sure to contact the speakers and entertainers of your choice to spice up the big day.
All what you have to do is to inform us as to the standards of your event and we will do the needful to find you the best entertainers. However also keep note that we will always come back to you for your approval before reserving them.

  • Coordinate vendors

If you have the need of coordinating buyers and sellers to your event we will be there to assist you with that as well.

  • Permits/ Insurance

If you need any special permits and/or insurance policies to continue with your event, all you have to do is let us know when you hand over the event to us.

We will do the needful to obtain those permits and/or insurance for you in order to make the event a success.

  • Responsibility towards health and safety

We will not only work towards making the event a success, we will also make sure that the event is a safe place for everyone to enjoy it without any fear. Moreover we will look into emergency and contingency plans so as to uphold a peaceful and a calm event.

  • Crisis and Situation management

Prevention is always better than Cure!

Our team will have a special task force to deal with any crisis that may arise in the course of the event.
Furthermore, we will also take up the responsibility to draw up a security plan and enforce it with your approval to meet your needs.

  • Monitoring

Last but not least our event management crew will have an overall inspection on the matter, from the date you hand over the project to us to the date of the event.

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