Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Pune


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Pune


Searching for Sri Lanka tour packages from Pune (India)? Here is an four day tour package that tourists from Pune and any tourist by Olanka Travels could enjoy and have a memorable time in this beautiful island.

This Pune to Sri Lanka tour package is centered on the southern part of the country where we will take you to the best beaches, the Wanderlust Mountains, the busy cities with many shopping ideas and some brilliant wildlife.

The cities that are covered in our four day tour package is;

Day 1- Kandy

Kandy, the cultural center of the country is situated about 114KMs from the airport. This is placed amongst hills in the Central province of the country hence this city has a very mild climate compared with the rest of the parts if this island. Kandy while being one of the largest cities in the island is the home for tea plantations, bio diverse rainforests, Buddhist cultural destinations and the famous scenic Kandy Lake (Bogambara Lake).

So when you arrive at the Bandaranayke International Airport, your guide from Olanka will be there to warmly welcome you and ready to embark on the journey.

En route to Kandy after about 2 hours of drive we will take you to the famous Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. The care and the attention that the orphanage gives these orphaned elephants is so much so that the village Pinnawala is synonymous with the elephants.

After spending some quality time with the elephants the journey shall continue and you can reach Kandy in about one and a half hours. We will then check you into your hotel and later take you to the Kandy city.

Once you are in the city you can have a stroll around the famous Kandy Lake while enjoying the beautiful scenery and snapping beautiful photographs, and peep in to the various shops to buy souvenirs and also to taste the local cuisine. Moreover we will take you to the temple of the tooth relic, where you can see a part of the Sri Lankan culture, as it is the highest place of worship amongst the Buddhists. And at night we will finish our day with a cultural dance (the entrance ticket is included in the package price).

Day 2 – Bentota (Must include in Sri Lanka tour packages from Pune)


It’s a must for you to visit a beach when you visit this beautiful island as Sri Lanka is best renowned for the blue oceans and the sandy beach. So on the second day of your vacation we have planned to take you to the beach area to leave you relaxed in the sun. Bentota is 178 KMs away from Kandy and it is a 5 hour drive.

Bentota is situated in the South of the island and the beach will remind you of a tropical paradise island that you see on the movies, the blue waters and the white sands will leave you breathless.

While you are in the beach area the list of things that you could do is unlimited, so we haven’t pre planned any activity as you could choose what you want to do to enjoy your holiday. You could either simply lay on the beach for a perfect tan or have a dip in the waters or go diving or snorkeling, the choice is yours. And you can end your day by the beach looking at the perfect sunset.

Day 3 – Madu Ganga

Madu Ganga

After a relaxing day at the beach we are taking you to have some excitement on the next day. Madu Ganga is a small water course situated in the District of Galle and is situated about 20 KMs away from Bentota and it takes only about half an hour to get there.

Our team members have organized a boat ride around the river which will give you a glimpse of the rich biodiversity of the mangrove forest.

Moreover this boat ride also includes a natural fish foot therapy. There are already set up decks where you can sit and dip your feet in the fish tanks and enjoy while hundreds of fish cleans the dead skin out of your legs.

After an exciting day we will head back to Colombo where you will spend the night and wake up to the final day of your tour.

Day 4 – Colombo


Your Srilanka tour package from Pune ends in Colombo, Colombo, the commercial capital of the island is not only comprised with commercial buildings, but also with so many other places that are of archeological, historical and religious importance. Most importantly this is the best place for you to go shopping.

This city is best renowned for its night life. Hence on the night of your third day in Sri Lanka we will take you to Colombo where you can have a memorable and a fun filled night. Colombo will offer you great restaurants with great cuisine, pubs and bars, night clubs and also shoreline parties.

And on the last day we will take you to the national museum where you can learn about the history of the island and later proceed to shopping to places of your choice.

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