Bentota Travel Guide: The Complete Guide


Bentota is a famous city, which is admired for its long golden beaches. It is located in the southern coastal region of Sri Lanka. This city is also close to the capital city Colombo (a 90-minute drive from Colombo). On top of that it is governed by an urban council and it is situated It is approximately 65 kilometers south of Colombo and 56 kilometers north of Galle. The name of this city was derived from a mythological story that asserts a demon named ‘Bem’ ruled the tota or the river bank. Let’s move forward and discover the city of Bentota.


Things to see in Bentota

The Temple Kande Viharaya: The temple of Kande Viharaya is an extraordinary and inspiring Buddhist temple that is situated in the district of Allogamy on top of a hill. This temple represents the tallest Buddhist statue in the world (standing at about 48m / 160ft in height). In spite of everything, the temple is visited less frequently by tourists. Besides, this temple is an ancient one as the building of the Kande Viharaya was built way back in 1734 by the Ven. Furthermore, the holy Bodhi tree also grows in this temple and there are numerous stupas as well. In addition to this, the architecture of the temple is unique with inspiring surroundings. Every day, thousands of people come over to this temple to show their devotion to Buddha. They also seek mental and spiritual relief from all the troubles and worries of day-to-day life.

The Brief Gardens: At first, the Brief Gardens was a rubber state and later, it was transformed into the marvelous gardens by the famous landscape artists Bevis Bawa. The most famous attractions of this garden are – nooks, bowers, alcoves, and garden sculptures. All of these attractions are spread throughout this big garden. In addition to this, the garden has an entry gate with a bell. You have to ring the bell to get the permission for entering into the gardens. The entire gardens are separated and subdivided with various themes, which include – a Japanese water garden. Lastly, you will see some exciting things such as – wall hangings, sculptures, Dutch furniture, splendid paintings, etc.

Sunshine Water Sports Center: Sunshine water sports center is one of the most popular and decorated water sports centers in Bentota. The water sports center will offer you everything such as – windsurfing, waterskiing, body boarding, jet-skiing, snorkeling, diving deep sea, river fishing, and river cruises. This center boasts an assortment of experienced and certified instructors in its ranks. In addition to this, water skiing and water surfing would be instructed by Sri Lanka’s champion water skier and windsurfer. Moreover, the best time for snorkeling water skiing, deep sea fishing, and windsurfing is November to April because, in this time, the sea remains the calmest of all time.

Things to do in Bentota

A Safari Trip on the River Bentota: A river safari in the River Bentota is an attractive entertainment option in the entire Sri Lanka. While on the river safari, you will move along the river with a boat and you will also see the wildlife of Sri Lanka with natural surroundings. When you land on the shores or islands, you will observe the breathtaking creatures like – monkeys, crocodiles, etc. With that being said, many species of exotic birds and fishes will catch your attention. Not to mention that the safari trip would take a pause in different local stopovers. So, you will definitely have the chance to experience the local culture as well.

Visit the Turtle Hatchery: If you head over to the North coast and the Southern part of Bentota, you will reach the turtle hatchery of Bentota. This hatchery is part of the sea turtle project in Bentota. This hatchery was created to save and give shelter to the declining turtle eggs. There are five rare species of turtles have been hatched and nursed on this calm and quiet hatchery. These turtles are given the freedom to thrive and hatch eggs in a completely protected area. When these turtles are big enough to look after themselves, they are set free. So, the nature lovers would get mad and excited to visit this unique turtle hatchery.

Other entertaining activities in Bentota: The tourists and vacation lover would love to dolphin and whales in Bentota. You have to take a morning cruise from Mirissa harbor to the deep sea. This river cruise would offer you the opportunity to watch the world’s biggest mammals. Apart from this, the fishing harbor at Beruwela is another attractive proposition. This is a commercial fishing harbor, which has a 10 to 15 minutes distance from Bentota.


How is the weather of Bentota?

Bentota’s weather is tropical in nature and it is influenced by monsoon winds. All most all the year, this place has a temperature around 30°C. Also, it is always hot and humid. At the time of two rainy seasons (from March to December), the rainfall would be quite heavy. Bentota is in the south coast region of Sri Lanka and it was completely destroyed by2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

How to reach Bentota?

You can reach Bentota by the following two transportation method –

Reach Bentota by Bus: Generally, buses from Colombo and Galle starts and will take you to Bentota. If you journey from Colombo, it will take you around one hour fifteen minutes to reach Bentota. On the other hand, if you take the Galle to Bentota route, it will take you around one hour fifteen minutes as well.

Reach Bentota by Train: Bentota doesn’t have a convenient railway system as there is only a small railway station. Additionally, a fewer number of trains stop at this station. Now, the major train station that is close to Bentota is Aluthgama. It has five to six express trains that start from Colombo.

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To conclude, Bentota is a small yet beautiful place in Sri Lanka. It contains several top touristic attractions and places. So, don’t miss a bit of Bentota and make your travel trip a memorable one with our Bentota travel guide.

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