Sri Lanka Itinerary 2 Weeks


Sri Lanka Itinerary 2 Weeks

Looking for 2 weeks in Sri Lanka itinerary? Sri Lanka may seem like just a drop of land amidst the vast Indian Ocean, but don’t let the tiny drop in your atlas fool you. Everything about Sri Lanka may seem so simple, even in the simple lifestyles its people lead, but the country carries a proud history of more than 2500 years and still holds the evidence of it through the numerous ancient monuments. Most of Sri Lanka is untouched by the modernisation of the new millennia leaving behind a well preserved natural beauty making sure to stay true to the name given to the island during the olden days as the PEARL OF THE INDIAN OCEAN.

Sri Lanka can caters to every type of traveller: whether you are in to history and culture, adventure or just to relax on the hillside or a beach. 2 weeks is not enough to experience everything Sri Lanka has to offer but it is certainly enough to get the true essence of this paradise land.

If you are planning to make Sri Lanka you next travel destination, we have come up with an itinerary to help you plan your perfect getaway.

2 days in the hill capital – Kandy


Once you land at the Airport in Katunayake head straight to the hill capital so your 2 weeks Sri Lanka itinerary starts from Kandy, where you can kick start your 14 day escape to paradise. Kandy is located 110km towards the centre of the island which would roughly take around 3 – 4 hours depending on the mode of transport you use. However most travellers would highly recommend taking the train as it’ll give you a sneak peak in to the heart and soul of this tiny island as you slowly progress through the hills. Kandy is a small yet cosy town with a historical, cultural and religious significance to the Sri Lankans. The town served as the last kingdom in Sri Lanka before it fell to the hands of the British. The town was named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which has preserved the town from changing with the modern times. Surrounded by mountain ranges from all directions, the town has the Bogambara Lake right at the centre. It is also home to the sacred temple of the tooth relic. You can also visit Udawattekale forest reserve. Other popular sites among the travellers to Kandy are the National museum of Kandy, the commonwealth war cemetery, Bahirawakanda Viharaya where you can see the large white Buddha statue you see from anywhere in the Kandy town and if you head out of the town a bit you can visit many other ancient temples like the Lankathilaka Temple and the Gadaladeniya temple. You can also climb up the twisted tower in the Ambuluwawa biodiversity complex.

2 days amidst the tea plantations in “little England” – NuwaraEliya

From Kandy make your way further up the hills to the beautiful Tea country or “little England” which is truly the most romantic town in Sri Lanka. Situated 1868m above sea level, the climate of Nuwaraeliya is colder when compared to the rest of the regions in this tropical island. Hiring a vehicle is the best way to travel to Nuwaraeliya because that will allow you to make multiple stops along the way and grasp the splendour of the sceneries you pass by. You will come across many divine waterfalls and tea estates. You will be passing by many tea factories with rest stops where you can enjoy a warm cup of tea while soaking in the cold breeze that will sweep past you. Once you are in Nuwaraeliya you must spend an evening by the Gregory Lake. There are lot of fun filled activities like boat rides, zip lines and bike rides. And you can finish it off by munching on something from the nearby food stalls. You can spend your 2nd day to do some sightseeing where you can go to Haggala or the Victoria gardens or visit the ambewela farm. While you are there you should go to Piduruthalagala, the highest peak in Sri Lanka and if time permits make sure you hike up to the “worlds end” in Horton plains.

2 days hiking and sightseeing in Dambulla


Next up in your little getaway through the island is Dambulla. Situated about 73km away from Kandy, this historical city has plenty to offer. The Cave Temple in Dambulla is number one item in the Dambulla travel itinerary. The temple is a complex built within five caves that lies beneath an overhanging rock. This cave temple complex dates back to 2nd – 5th century BC and it also have the Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site where 2700 year old human skeletons were found. While you are in Dambulla you can also a visit the Minneriya national park and the rose quartz mountain range in Jathika Namal Uyana. On the way to Dambulla, you will be passing by Sigiriya the ancient rock fortress and the ruins of the ancient Palace. You will make your way through the entrance with giant lion paws and make your way up to the rock fortress while passing the famous sigiri frescos and the mirror wall. This world heritage site is truly fascinating and will leave you amazed.

2 days to get in touch with history – Anuradhapura

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Anuradhpura is not just a historical ancient city, but also sacred city where many followers of Buddhism go on pilgrimage. This city is the 1st kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka which also lasted the longest periods. It still holds the evidence of that great Sri Lankan Civilization through the numerous well preserved ruins, historical structures, and many ancient stupas like Jethavanramaya, which is the largest stupa in the world. Anuradhapura has rightfully earned the status of being one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

2 days of wilderness –Yala


Once you are done with the central and the north-central regions of the island head straight to the south-east region to have true Sri Lankan wildlife experience in Yala. This is one of the biggest national parks in Sri Lanka which is home to many endogenous wildlife species. The safari through the forest to observe different species of animals in their natural habitat without the restrains of a zoo is one of a kind experience you can gain during your trip to this island. The most loved animal we would come across during this safari is the Sri Lankan leopard- a majestic spotted creature. The well preserved national park allows the animals to live their lives free and wild as it should.

2 days of surf and turf – Passikuda

Passikuda is a budding tourist destination located overlooking the Indian Ocean in the east coast of the country. The turquois-blue waters and the golden sandy beaches still untouched compared to rest of the beaches in the island. This is why it is regarded as the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka and the best place to relax and get some tanning done. The natural coral reefs resulting in shallow seafronts that enables you to walk further in to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with water just up to the knee level. You can engage yourself in some water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling where you can explore the hidden world beneath the deep blue waters and come face to face with the species living unseen by the rest of us as you swim through the uncharted world. Passikuda beach also offers a thrilling range of extreme water sports such as wind surfing, water-skiing and kite boarding for the adrenaline junkies to get their hearts pumping. All in all it will be a fun-packed thrilling and relaxing experience for you quite different from the journey you have been having so far.

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A day for beach relaxation (Must include in 2 weeks in Sri Lanka itinerary) – Bentota


You can make your way back to the southern region of the country to kick back and relax after 2 weeks of travelling, adventure and excitement or if you still have some energy left in you can indulge yourself in some water sports like jet skiing, wake boarding, banana boat riding and cannoning. 1 day might not be enough to visit everything in Bentota but you can at least try to cover some ground while you are there. The Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa in Beruwila which is a beautifully laid out garden over five acres of land with tropical plants and sculptures. For the nature lovers the Madu river safari is an excellent experience as you cruise through the mangroves and to explore the islands along the way. With a rich wild and plant life population it is a paradise for the biologists and ecologists. The Kosgoda turtle conservation project is another popular site among the travellers to down south where you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Get back to the hustle bustle in Colombo


Finally make your way back to Colombo- the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and the final destination of your getaway to paradise. It is no longer a transit spot for the travellers to the rest of the island. It has become a top destination by its own right and every traveller ultimately begins or ends their adventure through Sri Lanka in Colombo. The city is vastly modernised with a rising skyline unlike the rest of the country which is widely untouched by the influences of the western world. It is a multicultural city where you can experience all the cultures in one place. Through the ever evolving skyscrapers you can still witness the remnants of the heritage that dates back to colonial days. The national museum of history, the independence square the Viharamahadevi Park and the Gangarama temple are some of the tourist attractions in Colombo. But your visit to Colombo won’t be complete without an evening stroll in the Galle face beach overlooking the setting sun. You can also indulge yourself in some last minute shopping spree in some of the lush shopping malls where you can buy good of both local and international brands.

Sri Lanka is a timeless beauty which was hidden from the world for a long time. Even today, with the growing popularity as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, this tiny little piece of land surrounded by the Indian Ocean remains largely undiscovered. Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries that has the ability tailor all kinds of travellers from history enthusiast to nature lovers or adventurists. Each destination is a new and unique experience as no two places are the same. The boundless oceans, proud heritage the natural beauty and a food culture of its own, and all this within a short distance from one another. But the best thing about Sri Lanka is its people who are welcoming, helpful and always greet you with a big smile.

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