Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Chennai


sri lanka tour packages from chennai

Looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Chennai (India)? Chennai is a city that is situated in the East of India along the Bay of Bengal, and this five day tour package is aimed at the tourists coming down from there. The Hindu devotees that are coming down from Chennai would be taken to visit itineraries that are of cultural and historical importance, moreover to places of that are of scenic value and beauty.

This tour will tailor around the following five cities.

1. Dambulla
2. Trincomalee
3. Kandy
4. Yaala National Park
5. Colombo

You will reach the Bandaranayke International Airport at the scheduled hour and as promised your guide from Olanka Travels will be there to welcome you. This tour guide will be a competent person in every means from communication to driving and to explaining you about the importance of the places that you will be visiting during the stay.

Day 1 – Dambulla (Must in Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Chennai)


The guide will escort you from the airport to your first destination Dambulla, which is situated in Matale in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The journey will take only about three hours, hence you will be checking in to your hotel in no time. After you relax for some time the journey shall begin.

Dambulla is a city of both historical and cultural importance and is the home for one of the massive architectural sites of the world, the Sigiriya. Sigiriya is a rock fortress and got its name from the Sinhalese word “Sinha-giri” meaning the Lion Rock because half way up the gateway take the shape that of a lion and the paws of the lion could be clearly seen crafted out of the rock. This was once a palace of a king and the history behind building up such a massive fortress will be explained to you by our guide.

The remains of the palace could still be seen on top of the rock and the art and architecture of the fifth century architects of Ceylon would surely leave you amazed and awed. The view will be worth the climb and there will be so many other things to witness in the hike from frescos to mirror wall and the gardens.

In the evening we will take you out on a walk in the village where you can get a glimpse of the village culture of Sri Lankans and taste some mouthwatering village food. You will spend the night at the hotel and leave for our second destination in the morning of day two.

Day 2 – Trincomalee

The day 2 of  Srilanka tour package from Chennai is Trincomalee. The drive from Dambulla to Trincomalee is just two hours. This is a city in the North East coast of the island and is mostly famous for its gorgeous beach. This is a city where most of its population are Hindus thus the tourists from Chennai will be able to see how the Sri Lankan Hindu population practice the same culture in a different way. Here we have planned to take you to visit the famous Koneswaran temple, which is renowned for being major place of Hindu pilgrimage.

After we pay our respect to the temple we will head to have some lunch and then head to the famous marble beach. The best part about choosing Sri Lanka for a vacation is its gorgeous coast line, and through experience we know that a vacation is never complete without a dip in the incredible Indian Ocean. Moreover if you are interested we can arrange a water sport such as diving, snorkeling or surfing for you to engage in or you may just spend some lazy hours laying and sun bathing on the beach.

We could arrange a dinner by the beach and spend the night at the hotel and wake up early in the morning around 6.30 to witness the beautiful sight of the sun rising from the Eastern Coast.

Day 3 – Kandy


On the morning of day three you will leave from Trincomalee to reach the third destination of the vacation, Kandy. This is situated in the Central province of Sri Lanka and is known as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. We have included Kandy as an itinerary to give you an insight as to the Cultural and the religious background of the Sri Lankans.

We will take you to visit and pay your respect to the temple of the tooth relic which is the highest place of worship of the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Afterwards we will take you for a walk in the town where you can do some shopping, buy souvenirs, try out some local cuisine and take pictures of the beautiful scenarios around the lake.

And on the night after you’ve had dinner we will take you to witness a traditional Kandyan dance.

Day 4 – Yaala national park


On the fourth day of the tour, we have planned some adventure tourism for you. Yaala National Park is the second largest national park of the island and is bounded on to the Indian Ocean on one side. This is a huge area of natural forest that is the home for wildlife such as leopards, deer, elephants, wild boars, crocodiles and a large number of bird and reptile species.

This national park is renowned for the best wildlife safari in Sri Lanka, therefore we have a safari organized for you as for the fourth day of the tour. You will be able enjoy a an adventurous safari ride while taking unforgettable pictures of the elusive Sri Lankan leopard and the magnificent Sri Lankan Elephant and many more. You will be able to spend the night in a bungalow inside the National park, which will give you a different experience.

Day 5 – Colombo


On the fifth and the last day of your Chennai to Sri Lanka tour package stay we will come back to Colombo. This city is famous as the commercial capital that bridges the old and the new and also as a city that has played a great role in the history of Sri Lanka. Colombo has so much to offer, from sightseeing to shopping and world class restaurants to dine in.

So we have lined up a city tour that where we will take you to see landmarks of the city and some shopping on the way where you can buy gifts for your loved ones and some souvenirs. Later we will take you to some restaurant according to your food taste as we in Sri Lanka offer you any great meal.

With this we will drop you back at the Bandaranayke International Airport bidding you farewell and with a humble invite of visiting us back in another vacation.

So contact Olanka travels to get tour packages to Sri Lanka from Chennai.

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