Things to do in Sri Lanka in February


Wondering what to do in Sri Lanka in February? There is so much to do and see in Sri Lanka. When January is over and you decide on touring Sri Lanka in February, or if you have been planning earlier on and considering visiting Sri Lanka during the month of February, you won’t be disappointed.

Sri Lanka can be enjoyed all year round and if you are someone who is keen on getting sunburnt or does not really mind being out there in the sun whilst enjoying any sort of outdoor weather, then again, Sri Lanka is abundant in terms of different weather waves. Here is the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in February.

Arugam Bay is the ideal spot for beach bums or otherwise!

sri lanka in february

Arugam Bay, which is located on the southeastern coastline of Sri Lanka is very popular amongst beach bums and surfing enthusiasts so if you are looking out for some ocean love, then Arugam Bay is THE location that has grown to be loved and known as ‘Sri Lanka’s Surf Capital’. Arugam Bay is a utopia of enchantment of warm white sand and sunkissed beaches.

If you are a surfer or just keen on checking out sea and sand related activity, then keep an eye and ear out and anticipate the A-Bay Surfers event done by Red Bull every year. It hasn’t been scheduled for February yet but there are other similar events you can catch a glimpse of. Happy Surfing! and read our post on best hotels in Arugam Bay.

Navam Perahera depicts the esteemed appointment of Sariputta and Moggallana as Lord Buddha’s chief disciples.


Navam Poya, which falls in the month of February, is one of Colombo’s most anticipated spectacles. The perahera commences from the famous Gangaramaya Temple amidst a call of whips cracking and traditional sounds of emanating music.

A procession that goes through two nights, the pageant includes vibrant and energetic dancers who are also joined by people on stilts, decorated elephants, drummers and festoon inspired ornamentation such as flags along the way.

A large number of people join in along the route and you can witness the amount of effort that goes into these parades even though each and every participant considers being part of the Perahera as a privilege. Dates haven’t been confirmed yet so stay on the lookout if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of this great awe-inspiring event in Sri Lanka’s calendar.

Colombo Fashion Week is a pinnacle of a fashion event!


Colombo Fashion Week or CFW as it is popularly known in the country, was initiated 12 years ago and has turned out to be one of the most significant events in Sri Lanka’s events calendar that is being anticipated annually.

Anyone who acquires a penchant for fashion and a passion for style or even someone who wants to just check out CFW, then the happening will no doubt be THE place to be at no doubt! From workshops to catwalks, amazing outfits both traditionally and contemporary inspired, CFW will flow through three days of alluring extravaganza. Dates have not been confirmed for this event though the main CFW site states the event is due to occur in February of 2016. So watch this space!

Trekking in Haputale or Sinharaja Rainforest (Must Visit in Sri Lanka in February)


If you are more into experiencing nature trails and trekking, then you can check out Haputale for walks through picturesque tea estates or even visit the Horton Plains National Park. You can also go for trekking trips in Ella or even in areas that will lead towards Sinharaja Forest.

Haputale is located in the midst of a fog forest and tea estates. Haputale was even regarded as one of Asia’s most overlooked destinations by CNN.Horton Plains National Parks is home to endemic mammals such as deer and is also home to varieties of birds.

Sinharaja Rainforest is undoubtedly one of the most ecologically abundant forests in Sri Lanka. Travellers with a proclivity towards camping would no doubt enjoy hiking, trekking and spending a night or two at the great Sinharaja Rainforest, which was declared as the country’s only natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Now you know things to do in Sri Lanka in February, For inquires contact Olanka Travels. Check our 2 weeks in Sri Lanka itinerary which will be ideal in February.

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