Things to do in Sri Lanka in January


Wondering what to do in Sri Lanka in January? The beginning of the year in Sri Lanka always feels as if the entire population is preparing to stay true to its resolution even though there really isn’t one. Once the old year passes and Sri Lanka goes into a full ‘charge ahead’ mode, natives would get the feel that the forthcoming months of the new year is bound to bring in better luck and good change into their lives.

The month of January is ideal if you plan to visit Sri Lanka on a packaged tour or otherwise. Up until the first quarter of the year, the weather is just right if you don’t mind getting sunburnt (or if basically this happens to be your sole objective, then feel free to get baked!), then of course, Sri Lanka will definitely fit that bill.

For Sri Lanka in January, I’ve compiled some of the best places to try and visit during your stay. Depending on your schedule and even if you don’t spend a month in the country, give these spots some consideration. Whether the area is common among tourists or not, the idea is to experience what Sri Lanka has to offer, big or small! So here are the best things to do in Sri Lanka in January.

Take a dip at Uswetakeiyawa Beach

Sri Lanka in January

If you had just arrived into the country and happen to be scheduled to stay at a hotel near this beach, then it will only take you around 15 minutes to get there. Uswetakeiyawa or UK, as it tends to be called by some locals now and then, is a beach that holds to itself a pretty much inconspicuous existance.

The beach is usually deserted for most of the time, which is ideal for those who seek some sense of solitude. You might find the odd family enjoying a nice seaside picnic, but apart from that, the beach is peaceful with calm, warm and inviting waters.

Witness the Duruthu Perahera at its best (Must See in Sri Lanka in January)


Sri Lanka is popular for its abundant number of cultural, religious and colourful processions. The Duruthu Perahera takes place every year in January and celebrates Lord Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka, which took place over 2500 years ago. This cultural pageantry that showcases the human element amidst a foray of dancing, elephants, bright lights, drum beats and extravagant costumes that portray what was once a signature of ancient timelines of Sri Lanka. The procession culminates at Kelaniya Temple which is the highlight of the spectacle.

Spend a night at an Eco-hotel

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka is catching up amongst a niche crowd and what better way would there be than to spend in a chalet or tree house based dwelling. There are a good number of eco hotels and resorts that only brings you close to Mother Nature in all her glory. Sri Lanka is very diverse and ecologically abundant. You can experience Sri Lankan tropical climates and exotic flora and fauna that will only get you to delve deeper and explore.

Visit a spice garden


Sri Lanka is abundant in spices and is undoubtedly famous for its cinnamon. You can find plenty of spice gardens located in the Districts of Matale and Kegalle. Those who visit will receive in depth insight into the world of spices in Sri Lanka. Herbs that are grown for cooking and medicinal purposes are also found in copious amounts in gardens that you will find within villages and towns that grow these.

So where to go in Sri Lanka in January ends here, For inquires contact Olanka Travels. Check our Sri Lanka itinerary for 4 weeks which will be ideal in January.
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