Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Nagpur


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Nagpur

Looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Nagpur (India)? A picturesque little island dotting the expansive Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the place for you to visit if you are looking to experience the perfect tropical holiday. This island nation is what you call a cradle that is steeped in both culture and nature. Although thought to be a land that was undiscovered for many years, because people simply wished to travel pass it, without a second glance, it was what most like to call a treasure that was hiding in plain sight and we are now discovering the true beauty and scintillating experiences that are on offer when we step into the country.

The cultural background of the island will leave you mesmerized in its depth and expanse, because there is so much of it packed into this little nation, to bring you a heady mix, which is absolutely welcoming. A country that is well known for its many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a popular tourist destination for many people discovering South East Asia. The scared cities of Kandy and Anuradhapura with their famed temples, the coastal cities of Galle and Trincomalee with their towering fortresses as well as the ancient city of Sigiriya being some of the more popular locations for the tourist to head to, during their stay.

With its myriad of charms Sri Lanka also offers you immense beauty and variety when it comes to the perfect beachside holiday. With its many famed coastal towns like Galle, Hikkaduwa and Arungambay, water lovers will find that this island is definitely a haven for the. You will be able to while away your time involved with numerous water sports and activities, as you enjoy the expansive beauty of the marine life that is on offer.



Your Nagpur to Sri Lanka tour begins from Kandy, Strategically located in the center of the island, Kandy is the city considered to be the cultural capital of the country. Also known to be a popular as an administrative city, it is bustling with busy town goers as well as strolling tourists at any given time. With an agreeable climate that does not bend towards any extreme, Kandy acts as your gateway into the central highlands of Sri Lanka. One of the main highlights of the city is the famed Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This impressive shrine built within the royal palace is home to the one and only surviving relic of Lord Buddha, making the city of Kandy one of the many World Heritage Sites. The scenery in Kandy is filled with endless acres of tea plantations, waterfalls, valleys and lakes, making it pleasing to the eye.

Nuwara Eliya


Nuwara Eliya, one of the prime hill country resorts of Sri Lanka with an altitude of 1800m above sea level, is the city that has the highest altitude on this beautiful island. With salubrious temperatures ranging between 15 and 23 degrees on average, Nuwara Eliya is one of the most loved holiday destinations for both locals and foreigners alike. Known as ‘’Little England’’ because of its vaguely idyllic British country feel to it, Nuwara Eliya tends to be busiest during the months between February to April. You will find gardens filled with English style vegetables such as carrots, turnips and cabbages as well as irresistible blooms such as roses, daisies and petunias. In the center of town, you will find attractions such as the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Victoria park, The Race Course and the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, all in close proximity to each other.



Sigiriya, also called the Lion Rock Citadel or Sinhagiri in Sinhalese, is one of the most famed sights in Sri Lanka. This rock fortress is located in the north central Matale district and is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka and is thought to be one of the best preserved illustrations of ancient architectural ingenuity and urban planning. With massive, near vertical walls almost 200m high this fortress plateaus off, portraying the ruins of an ancient civilization. This rock citadel has an interesting history dating back to the 3rd century BC where even at this time it used to serve as a place of refuge for Buddhist monks. Today this rock fortress is a modern day wonder that refuses to easily reveal its secrets. You will have to take up the challenge of climbing up nearly vertiginous sets of staircases attached to the walls in order to get to the top. But along the way you will be passing some of the terraced gardens as well as the water garden which are a sight to behold. Along the way you will be able to set your sights on some of the famed frescos of celestial nymphs of Sigiriya which are of great beauty and artistic value.


A city steeped in Sri Lankan history and a cradle to the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization, Anuradhapura is included amongst the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka. Founded in the 4th century BC almost 2,500 years ago, Anuradhapura, played a major role as the capital of the nation up until the 11th century AD. From the countless stupas such as the Thuparamaya, which are thought to be second in scale only to the great pyramids of Khufru & Khafra at Gizeh, and the many bodhi trees, the most revered one being the Sri Maha Bodiya, found scattered across this city, you will be able to spot a glimpse of these historical sites where ever you turn.



Polonnaruwa, the magnificent medieval capital of Sri Lanka and the second most ancient kingdom in the country is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is during the reign of King Parakramabahu from 1153-1186 A.D, that that the city of Polonnaruwa flourished and was known as the ”Golden Age of Polonnaruwa”. With historic sites such as the Parakrama Samudraya, the ruins of the ancient palaces, The Quadrangle with its collection of ancient buildings and Stupas like the Thuparamaya, the ancient city of Polonnaruwa is one of the most loved cultural tourist attractions of all time.


The Yala National park is one of the most popular animal sanctuaries in Sri Lanka as well as the second largest one after the Wilpattu National Park. This gloriously wild national park, to most people who visit looks like ‘’The Jungle Book’’ coming to life, because of its exuberant wilderness. It is said that dawn and dusk is the best time for the safari rides, because animal viewing becomes all the livelier at these times. From the famed Sri Lankan leopard skulking in the shadows to the crocs lazing away in the lagoons, you will be able to witness a diverse array of wildlife spread out across multiple habitats.


With its sun kissed beaches, and shallow waters, Pasikuda located in the Eastern coastal belt, is thought to be one of the best place for a beach holiday in the eastern coast. Pasikuda is thought to have the one of the world’s longest shallow coastlines, making it possible for people to walk a distance of about 250 meters into the sea. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful ones you will find in the entire island with their crystal clear blue waters, making it almost like a post card perfect destination. If you have a love for diving, there are some spectacular diving spots such as the Pasikuda Reef and the Boiler Wrecks which can be reached by boat. Be it the calm waters of the beach that you want to relax by or the pounding waves of the angry ocean that you want to confront while you enjoy the adrenaline rush of water sports, Pasikuda is the place for you. Other interesting places to visit in this area are the coconut cultural park and the Valachchenai fisheries harbor.

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Galle, a coastal town situated in the southwest region of Sri Lanka is the administrative capital of the southern province. Blessed with the exotic Dutch fortress and many other Dutch colonial structures, Galle is one such place that you can explore on foot. The Galle fort is one of the main attractions of the area, and the reason why the town of Galle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1988. A monument of significant interest in the Fort is the Dutch reformed church or Groote Kerk. Other sites of interest include the Dutch museum and the Galle Lighthouse. Merely 6km away from the town of Galle you find one of the Islands best bay beach resorts, Unawatuna, which is great for water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, and is considered one of the best bay beaches around the world.

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