Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Goa


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Goa

Longing for Sri Lanka tour packages from Goa (India), but you can’t find a time? We at Olanka provides you a three day tour package to remedy the time issue, surely you can spare three days. This package is tailored around two of the most famous and the main cities of Sri Lanka i.e. Kandy and Colombo where Kandy being the cultural capital and Colombo the commercial capital.

The tour guide from Olanka will welcome you at the Airport and escort you to Kandy, our first destination.

Day 1- Kandy


Your Goa to Sri Lanka tour starts from Kandy, the social and cultural capital of Sri Lanka is situated in the central province among the hills. Tourists, both local and foreign visit this city to witness the cultural difference and to enjoy a peaceful stay while experiencing a mild weather.

However before we get to Kandy we will take you to visit an Elephant Orphanage which is in about half way to Kandy. This is in Pinnawala situated in the Kegalle District which is situated about 80 KMs from Colombo and thus it will take about a two hours for us to get there. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a nursery and a captive breeding ground for the Orphaned elephants in Sri Lanka, where they will nurse the orphans back into health before releasing them back in the wild.

Once you are here you can participate in the feeding programs (the milk feeding program from 9.15 am to 9.45 am or from 1.15 pm to 1.45 pm and the Fruit feeding program from 9.00 am to9.45 am or from 12.00 pm to 1.45 pm) and witness the elephant bathing sessions from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. In addition to participating in these programs you can join hands with the orphanage to uplift this charity by donating or by adopting an elephant or any other animal and sponsoring them.

After spending some quality time we will say goodbye to the elephants and proceed with our journey to Kandy our first main destination. We will check you in the hotel and let you relax before we leave to the Kandy city tour. We will take you on a walk around the Kandy Lake and to a place where you can have a traditional meal. At night before we end the day we will take you to see a cultural dance where you can experience the Kandyan culture.

Day 2 – Kandy

On your second day you will spend more time in the beautiful city of Kandy. The first thing that we will do today is visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Dalada Maligawa) a sacred Buddhist Temple. The Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is placed in a former palace that was built during the time when Kandy was a kingdom. Thus the temple apart from being of extreme religious value the building itself is worth the tour given is rich architecture.

After worshiping the temple we will proceed with our tour. Kandy is not just a city famous for the temples, but it is also renowned for its beautiful gardens, the hills and the stunning sceneries. You could have a glimpse of all of the above at the Peradeniya Botanical Garden, which is the largest Botanical garden that is there in Sri Lanka. This is well-known for its collection of flowers ranging from Roses to Orchids and the beauty of the garden will surely leave you mesmerized and awed.

On the evening of Day 2 we will leave from Kandy and arrive at Colombo in about three and a half hours.

Day 3 – Colombo


Goa to Sri Lanka tour ends in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka is a city that accommodates all the administrative and political centers, the giant commercial buildings, hitorical buildings, lakes, religious places such as temples, mosques and churches and many more places of entertainment education and shopping malls. You name it Colombo will offer anything.

You will reach Colombo on the night of the second day of your tour, so we have planned an exotic night that will give you a different experience from the times you spent in the earlier days. Colombo turns in to a totally different place at the night. The streets will be less busy but if you know the correct place to go you will be able to have memories for a lifetime. Nightlife at Colombo will include great restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, parties by the beach and many more.

After spending the night at the hotel, you will wake up to the third and the final day of your stay. For this day we have planned a city tour and a shopping tour. The city tour will include the museum and a few other land mark buildings of the country and the shopping tour could be adjusted to cater your needs.

Later on we will drop you off at the Bandaranayke International Airport wishing you a safe flight and with an invitation to meet you back again on your next vacation. Also check our Sri Lanka luxury tour packages.

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