Top 3 islands to include in your Maldives Holiday Package


What would you do if I say that your island dream can be realized with a fantastic Maldives holiday package? That’s right! A Maldives trip with all-inclusive deals makes a once-in-a-lifetime Maldives holiday package. I’m going to give you the three secret islands to choose from and everything you need to know about them to plan your tropical Maldives trip. Read on!

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Whether you want to spend a relaxing vacation with your friends and family, experience a romantic honeymoon gateway with your significant other, or travel solo, the options are plenty. 

There are Maldives holiday packages that include these top 3 Maldives islands to offer you a taste of adrenaline-kicking adventure as well as tranquility! And the cherry on top? The amazing views!

Kuramathi Island

One of the hidden gems in the Indian Ocean is the beautiful Kuramathi Island. Your Maldives holiday package on this island will include exciting water sport opportunities and ample time for relaxation on one of the world’s most loved beaches.

How to get there

Once you arrive at the Malé International Airport, you will reach the Kuramathi lounge in Malé via a bus transfer. Now, this is where the excitement begins. There are 2 ways to arrive at the Kuramathi Island.

  1. Seaplane transfer – If you choose the seaplane transfer, you will be able to witness a bird’s-eye view of the little island surrounded by sparkling blue waves.
  2. Boat transfer – Beginning your Maldives holiday package with a boat transfer will let you ride through the waves whilst you experience the vibrance of the marine life around you. 

Choosing accommodations for your Maldives holiday package

After checking in at the reception, you will choose a village-style room, garden villa, deluxe beach villa, or a water villa with Jacuzzi. There is a wide variety to suit everyone’s expectations and it all depends on your all-inclusive Maldives holiday package.

If you prefer an old-school surrounding, you could choose a quaint villa in the jungle to be included in your Maldives holiday package which is on the Southside of Kuramathi Island. Adding variety, Northside is all about modern villas with contemporary restaurants. 

Your trip would be shaped by what you include in your Maldives Holiday Package. It’s simple as that!

Best things to do at Kuramathi Island

  • Snorkeling in the Kuramathi house reef
  • Dive with the playful fish and sea turtles underwater
  • Fall in love again at the fantastic sandbanks by the mesmerizing sunsets
  • Enjoy mouth-watering food at buffet restaurants
  • Kids club with fun activities
  • Take a walk in the beautiful botanic garden
  • Chill out at bars and champagne lofts
  • Luxury spa treatments overlooking the sea
  • Watersport areas, tennis courts, and gyms

Fihalhohi Island

Home to 2000 species of fish and sea creatures, Fihalhohi Island is surrounded by a turquoise blue lagoon. Your Maldives holiday package is about to get more adventurous with some authentic Maldives all-inclusive deals! This island is so small that you can walk around it within 20 minutes! 

How to get there

You can reach Fihalhohi Island by speedboat from the Malé International Airport, which would be approximately a 45-minute ride.

How to choose accommodations

Whether it is for a family, a couple, friends, or for a solo traveler, Maldives holiday packages at Fihalhohi have something for everyone. 

There are 4 room categories:

  1. Water villa – If your choice of accommodation for your Maldives holiday package is a water villa, you are in for a treat. Wake up to a mesmerizing view of the lagoon and dive into the turquoise water right from the villa!  
  2. Premium room – These are luxury rooms with breathtaking views from the veranda. Enjoy your trip by including this in your Maldives holiday package.
  3. Comfort room – You will love the music of the ocean waves every evening as you gaze at the beautiful sunset with your loved ones from the veranda of a comfort room. Though economical than the water villa, these rooms don’t take away from the Maldives holiday package experience!
  4. Classic room – If you are on a tight budget, a classic room would be ideal for your Maldives holiday package. What’s great about it? You still get to enjoy jaw-dropping views of this paradise!    

Things to not miss on your Maldives Trip

  • Swim with dolphins and mantas
  • Diverse food with different themes every day
  • Watersports (snorkeling, catamaran sailing, etc.)
  • Luxury spa treatments
  • Village walks
  • Dive in the house reef and experience the vibrant marine life
  • Watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets with your loved ones
  • Chill at the bar and the beach parties

Paradise Island

Paradise Island which is a luxury to many is going to be your holiday destination! This 5-star resort island will make all your island fairytales come true. From hosting weddings, honeymoons to family vacations, Maldives Holiday Packages on this magical island offer lasting memories.

How to get there

When you arrange your Maldives holiday package, you will have to contact the resort to schedule the mandatory speedboat transfer from the Malé International Airport.

Choosing accommodation

Choosing the perfect villa for your stay depends on the budget for your Maldives holiday package. This 5-star resort is known to deliver the serenity of paradise in its lush, tropical setting.

A range of Water villas – These are spacious private havens on the ocean offering an indoor-outdoor living experience.

A range of beach villas – The ideal tropical lifestyle with private verandas overlooking the white beach. Feel the serenity as you watch the beautiful sunset while sipping a cocktail next to your significant other. 

Activities you would love

  • Watersports (Jet skiing, banana boating, etc.)
  • Luxury spa treatments
  • Taste authentic Maldivian food
  • Explore the magical world under the sea
  • Taste different types of cocktails
  • Take romantic strolls on the beach

If you still feel like there’s a lot to choose from, ask for assistance from the experts to plan and book the perfect Maldives holiday package that is ideal for you

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