Most Romantic Destinations in the Maldives for couples


Maldives honeymoon places can overwhelm you quickly where you are planning your honeymoon in the Maldives, with the abundance of romantic destinations this island nation has.

Compromises of over a whopping 1,100 islands, a majority of them remains uninhabited and unexplored. With this, it is no secret that amongst the most romantic destinations that the newlyweds have witnessed, there’s plenty of more beautiful and secret Maldivian destinations waiting to be unveiled.

Here’s are our top list of the best places to visit in the Maldives for a honeymoon for all the young lovers out there.

Male Island

The busy island of Male is both the first and last stop of your honeymoon vacation in the Maldives, as it is home to the international airport. The Maldives’s capital holds many iconic tourist hotspots of Maldives. If you truly want to immerse yourself and get a good taste of the Maldivian culture, a tour around Male Island is a must.

Take a trip together to the National Museum and the Tsunami Monument for a better understanding of the country’s history, or venture through the buzzing Male Local Market or Male Fish Market just to get a taste of the local life.

You could also walk by the popular Grand Friday and Sultan Mosques, the most popular places of worship on the island. A well-deserved timeout spot for the two of you awaits at the Sultan Park and the Artificial Beach, where you could chill before you start island hopping to more romantic destinations on our list.

Meeru Island

Over the water, bungalows are the trademark of romantic honeymoon getaways in the Maldives, and Meeru Island does not fail to cater for this. The Meeru Island Resort & Spa is one of the best places to visit for couples in the Maldives and consists of two freshwater swimming pools and is home to a wide array of activities, including golfing, snorkelling and windsurfing. 

Choose lavishly from a Jacuzzi Water Villa, Water Front Villa, Jacuzzi Beach Villa or Beach Villa to reside in and enjoy the romantic adventures that lie ahead. Take up a few golfing lessons and get clubbing on the green, have a go at soccer or engage in a variety of other physical sports. 

You could also try some enthralling watersports together at the Water sports Center and then head out for a delightful dining experience at the Hot Rock Restaurant and Bar, Farivalhu Restaurant, Uthuru Bar or Dhoni Bar.

End the day and unwind in a spa and wellness session for two at the Duniye Spa to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Niyama Private Island

Niyama Private Island in Maldives

Less than an hour’s ride on a seaplane from the Male Island lies the Niyama Private Island – another top place to visit in the Maldives for couples that is known for its privacy as so suggested by its name. Being a hotspot amongst honeymoon travellers, which isn’t a big surprise, the island has most of the must-try Maldivian honeymoon activities on offer.

The Niyama Private Island rocks a 24-hour open spa and the world’s first underwater nightclub. It also facilitates the world’s first underwater restaurant situated six meters underwater –And now you know why the restaurant is named Subsix. Other fine dining facilities include the Edge, which is set 500m out on the ocean, accessible by boat only. Together these two romantic outlets serve a wide variety of international cuisines that the two of you could try.

With ample relaxation amenities and services such as spas, yoga and fitness centres and sauna facilities – it’s a place in which coddling your loved one and yourself is good as it gets. It hosts more local services such as restaurants, BBQ facilities, shopping centres and a wide array of watersports on the calm turquoise waters that surrounds it.

Vadhoo Islands

Vadhoo Islands in Maldives

Being able to generate much visitor amusement, the Vadhoo Island is yet another honourable mention on our list of best places in the Maldives for a honeymoon. It’s a mere fifteen-minute speedboat ride from the Maldives International Airport. 

Apart from the usual over the clear water cabins, spa treatment centres, kayaking and scuba diving friendly places, there’s one unique feature of this island that only a few Islands in the Maldives are capable of boasting. 

As the night takes over, the island puts on a beautiful display of bioluminescent waters thanks to a special group of planktons commonly known as the “Sea of Stars”.

Coupled with the resort’s view of an open ocean and the eerie atmosphere of the secluded island, there’s no doubt that this island is one of our most romantic destinations on the list yet. So, sit on the deck holding hands and have a good aimless gaze at the starry night sky over the glowing sea of stars. It’s not everywhere in the world, let alone the Maldives, where you get to witness such unique feats of nature

Kuredu Island

Maldives Honeymoon Resort Kuredu Island

This is one of the more extravagant picks of romantic honeymoon destinations in the Maldives. The Kuredu Island is yet another island that has a variety of accommodations to offer newlyweds. Couples get to choose from a wide variety of different views they can wake up to, from the tropical vibes of a Garden Bungalow to the shore-side suave of Premium Beach Bungalows. 

For those who prefer the luxury of their own private pools and Jacuzzis, the Kuredu Islands are still at your service. Home to a number of Jacuzzi Beach Villas, exclusive Water Villas and Private Pool Villas, the guarantee of pampering yourself extravagantly at the comfort of your own residence is pretty much alive here. 

The Kuredu Island Resort & Spa caters for an outdoor pool, an on-site bar and restaurant and a mini-bar in each accommodation. You can take a tour around the island on foot or even on an airplane. Take part in a few water sports once you leave the comfort of your resort. 

Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island in Maldives

Having one of the best beaches any Maldivian Island has to offer, the Alimatha Island is our next best pick for a romantic honeymoon getaway in the Maldives. It is a twenty-minute airplane ride or a ninety-minute speedboat ride from the busy Maldives International Airport. 

The lush inland greenery and the clear, beautiful oceans surrounding it make it a clear competitor for most of the other nearby islands. It is also home to the Alimatha Aquatic Resort, which provides honeymoon travellers with beachside resorts beside aquamarine lagoons, beach bungalows, and overwaters cabins that are highly in demand for honeymoon goers. 

This island is unique for its scuba diving and fishing experiences. It is also home to a diving school from which you could choose to be a certified scuba diver. Once certified or diving as a newbie, you can explore the ocean depths and have a few close encounters with friendly sharks. It seems no surprise that this is a divers’ paradise, so it’s a must-visit for couples who are into diving.

That’s just five out of thousands of other unique islands in the Maldives, waiting to be explored by all the young couples out there. The five of these islands are up to par with the usual expectations and demands of the usual Maldivian honeymoon experiences. Still, they are set apart from other islands in their own ways. The Maldives is ready for its next honeymoon story, what about you? Get in touch with us today to plan your Maldives honeymoon tour with us.

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