Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Dubai


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Dubai

Looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from Dubai? This is a tour package that is hand tailored to meet the whims and fancies of the tourists coming down to Sri Lanka from Dubai. Dubai is a country in the United Arab Emirates and it is also a country where the tourists are attracted for luxurious shopping, sightseeing, to get an experience of its night life and to witness the mind-blowing architectural skyscrapers.

What we Olanka Travels offer in Sri Lanka is totally different from that of the tourist attractions of Dubai. Sri Lanka is an island which is blessed with natural resources, wildlife, beaches, a great history, a great culture and many more. The importance is that all these wonderful destinations are situated in close proximity hence the country is comparatively small in extent, so you can experience diverse itineraries in only six days.

This Sri Lanka Tour package from Dubai is focused on the following six cities of the country.

1. Anuradhapura
2. Kandy
3. Nuwaraeliya
4. Galle
5. Bentota
6. Colombo

The tour guide from Olanka will welcome you at from the Bandaranayke International Airport at the arranged time and head to our first destination of the tour. All our tour guides are competent thus will make sure you have a memorable and stress free vacation in Sri Lanka.

Day 1 – Anuradhapura (Must in Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Dubai)


Your Dubai to Sri Lanka tour packages is starting from Anuradhapura, Anuradhapura is a city that is situated in the north central province of Sri Lanka and is considered as one of the cities with most important historical sites of the country. Moreover this city is also religiously important to the Buddhists who constitute the majority of the population of Sri Lanka.

In this first destination we have planned to go around the city paying visits to important historical and religious landmarks such the Ruwanweli Maha Seya, Sri Maha Bodhiya and various other relics of the kingdoms of Sri Lankan History.

The guide will explain and educate you as to the history and the importance of these places.

After the sightseeing we will take you to see the magnificent Tissa wewa, a lake that was built by a king that ruled the Anuradhapura Kingdom in the early days.

These sights will surely leave you mesmerized and amazed as to the architectural knowledge the Sri Lankans had in the ancient days.

Day 2 – Kandy


The second destination of this tour is Kandy, which is a city that is considered as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. This is the best city that a foreigner can visit to learn about Sri Lankan culture and religion.

Kandy is situated in the central province amidst the mountains and this is a city that is famous for its quiet and calm nature. The main itinerary that we have planned to take you is the Temple of the Tooth Relic which is considered as the highest place of worship of the Buddhists.

Afterwards we will take you to the Peradeniya Botanical gardens which is the home for a wide variety of flowers where most of them are endangered and can only be found in this Botanical Garden. Later at night we will come back to the hotel, enjoy dinner and then enjoy a traditional dance before we end our day two.

Day 3 – Nuwaraeliya

Third day will be spent in Nuwaraeliya that is situated in close proximity to Kandy. This city is also known as the “little England” given the architecture of the buildings in this city and the colder climate compared with the rest of the island.

This is the place where we Sri Lankans choose to spend a stress free and a relaxed vacation. Here we have planned a hike in Horton Plains. This is national park situated a few hours away from the Nuwaraeliya town where you will be able to witness some waterfalls and the worlds’ end. Later on we will take you to back to the city and we will take you to see a Strawberry farm to see how it’s cultivated.

At night we have planned a bonfire with a BBQ so as to end the fifth day of the tour.

Day 4 – Galle


The next destination is Galle which is situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Galle is one of the famous tourist destination site of both the locals and the foreign tourists. This is a beautiful and an ancient city that has so many things to offer for a hungry tourist soul. Amongst so many beautiful places, we have planned to take you to the Galle Fort and the Galle Lighthouse.

The fort in Galle is a historic and an ancient fort that was built by the Dutch and is now being used as a hub for shopping and spending time idly with your family and your loved ones. The National Museum of Galle is also situated in this fort, thus we will take you there to give you and insight as to the history of Ceylon. Afterwards we will take you the Lighthouse which was built by the British when Sri Lanka was a colony and it is considered as the oldest lighthouse of the country.

We will end our fourth day of the tour by witnessing the beautiful sight of sunset and with a mouthwatering meal by the beach.

Day 5 – Bentota

Bentota is a paradise city that is situated in the southwest coast of the country. The beach is so beautiful that we have chosen Bentota as the tourist destination of this tour package.

Here we haven’t planned anything special thus we have left this day to relax on the beach after five days of traveling and with one more day remaining for you to head back home. However the beach and the waters are welcoming and soothing thus you can lay there under the sun for the perfect tan or have a swim in the warm waters. Moreover if you are up for some adventure we can arrange a water sport such as diving or snorkeling for you to engage in.

Day 6 – Colombo

On the sixth and the last date of the vacation we will head back to Colombo and engage in a few activities before we leave to the airport.

Here we have arranged a city tour where the guide will take you around the city showing and explaining to you the importance and the history of certain landmarks of the city. Before we drop you off at the airport we will take you on some shopping where you can buy souvenirs for a very reasonable price.

After a memorable holiday we will drop you back at the airport inviting you over again in your next vacation.

So contact Olanka Travels to get Sri Lanka tour packages from Dubai.

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