Sri Lanka Itinerary 10 days


Sri Lanka Itinerary 10 days

10 Days Sri Lanka Itinerary

Looking for Sri Lanka Itinerary for 10 days? Olanka Travels is a travel agent that will help you perceive your travel dreams by providing you the ultimate customized travel packages. This is a ten day travel package revolving around eight great cities of the country that will give you an experience of visiting eight different countries in just ten days.

Sri Lanka is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean that has a tropical climate. This country is one of the famous holiday destinations for the travelers all around the world. Olanka has tailored this ten day tour package to give you a glimpse of the beautiful country.

The journey shall begin with the tour guide from Olanka picking you up from the Bandaranayke international airport. The tour guide will act as your chauffer, translator and above all be your friend throughout your stay.
The ten day tour package will be centered on the following cities.

Day 1 – Nuwaraeliya

The first destination of the Sri Lanka travel itinerary in 10 days is Nuwaraeliya which is a five hour drive away from the airport. Nuwaraeliya is city situated in the central hills of Sri Lanka and is a famous destination of the local travelers to relax amidst the busy days of their lives.

Since Nuwaraeliya is situated in the hills the city has a milder climate compared with the rest of the island and the city is famous for the beautiful flower gardens, the famous Ceylon Tea estates and tea factories, waterfalls, strawberry fields, golf fields and many more other eye catching places of visit.

En route to Nuwaraeliya we will take you to visit a tea estate and a tea factory where you will be able to see how the great Ceylon tea comes in to being. Moreover we could arrange a visit to either a strawberry field or a golf course or a beautiful water fall or the famous Horton Plains according to your preference.

The evening could be spent in the Nuwaraeliya city and having a stroll in the Gregory’s Lake side before we end the day by staying over at the hotel.

Day 2 – Kandy


The next stop is Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy is situated 80 KMs away from Nuwaraeliya and thus you will arrive there just in about two and a half hours. The city is situated in the central province of the country and houses many historical and religious places, most importantly the temple of the tooth relic where the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is retained.

We will first take you to visit and pay your respect to the temple of the tooth relic. Afterwards you will be able to enjoy a little walk around the Kandy Lake and do some shopping in the Kandy City Center. In the afternoon we could take you to visit the beautiful flower garden of Peradeniya the largest flower garden of the island.

We will end the second day with a traditional Sri Lankan meal at the hotel and witnessing a traditional Kandyan dance.

Day 3 & 4 – Dambulla

In the morning of the third day we will leave from Kandy to the third destination, Dambulla where you will spend your third and the fourth day of the vacation.

En route to Dambulla we will take you to visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage where orphaned Sri Lankan Elephants are kept for rehabilitation. Here you will be able to participate in the feeding program before we leave to Dambulla.

Dambulla is a historical city situated in the Matale district in the Central province and the city is a living legacy of the architectural greatness of the history of the island. We will take you to witness the Golden temple of Dambulla, which is famous for its Golden statues and for being the best preserved cave temple of the country.

In the evening we will take you out on a walk in the village and end the day at the hotel enjoying a mouthwatering village food.

The fourth day is reserved to climb the rock of Sigiriya that is situated in this city of Dambulla. This is not just a rock, but a rock fortress that was built by one of the kings that ruled the country to protect himself from his own brother. The story behind building this fortress of Sigiriya will be explained to you by your guide while you are in the site.
On the evening of the fourth day we will head to the fourth destination of the tour, Trincomalee.

Day 5 – Trincomalee

Trincomalee is a city that is situated in the Eastern Coast of the country and claims ownership to one of the best beaches of the island and we will reach Trincomalee on the night of the fourth day. If you wake up early in the morning around 5.30 or 6 O’clock you will be able to witness the beautiful sight of the Sun rising from the eastern coast in the morning of the fifth day.

Apart from the gorgeous blue waters and the beautiful white sands in the eastern coast, Trincomalee is also famous for the Hindu Kovil, the Koneswaran Temple. Sri Lanka is a multi-national country, hence apart from the main religion Buddhism a group of people especially in the northern and eastern provinces of the country practice Hinduism. We have included the Koneswaran Temple for you to give an insight as to the Hindu Culture of Sri Lanka.
After visiting the temple we will take you to the beach where you can dip in the glorious Indian Ocean and we will organize a water sport such as snorkeling or diving at your request.

Day 6 – Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a city that is situated in the south east coast of Sri Lanka which is a famous and celebrated tourist destination of the locals and the foreigner alike. The drive along the eastern coast from Trincomalee to Arugam Bay will take about five hours.

As you arrive we will check you in to the hotel where you will be spending your sixth day of the tour and let you relax for a while before embarking the adventures on the beach and in the sea.

Arugam Bay is a well-known surfing point in Sri Lanka, and is also renowned as one of the ten best surfing destinations of the world. Other than surfing Arugam Bay is also the perfect destination to engage in sports such as diving, snorkeling, and also to lay down and relax while getting the perfect tan. At the night of the sixth day we have planned a dinner by the beach to end a perfect day on the beach. Read our blog post on best hotels in Arugam Bay.

Day 7 – Yaala


After two days in the beach the next stop will be a wildlife safari at the famous Yaala National Park. The Yaala national park is situated 192 KMs away from Arugam Bay and it will take about five hours for us to reach the destination.

The Yaala National Park is considered as the best park for a Sri Lanka wildlife safari where you will be able to witness endangered as well as non-endangered species of animals such as the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, the mighty Sri Lankan elephant, bears, peacocks, deer and so much more.

After the safari we will stay over at a hotel that is situated in the middle of the woods giving you an exciting experience of spending the night amongst the trees and the animals.

Day 8 – Bentota


Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the gloriously beautiful Indian Ocean, thus we have included a third beach destination to this ten day tour package of Olanka. Bentota is a city that is situated in the southern coast close to the southern tip of the island.

Apart from the beach this city is also famous for the Madu River and the tropical lagoon. Thus Bentota is the perfect destination for nature lovers as well as for adventure lovers as you will be able to witness the mangroves as you slide down the Madu River and experience a fish foot therapy.

After the adventures at the lagoon we will head for the beach where you can relax and end the day with a sea food meal by the beach.

Day 9 & 10 – Colombo


The last two days of your tour will be spent in Colombo the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and it perfectly bridges the history of the country and its new culture. Colombo is a city that never sleeps, it can be seen active throughout the day and we will make sure you get a glimpse of this amazing city in these two days.

On the ninth day we will take you out on a city tour where you will be taken to see places like the Museum where you will be able to enjoy the historical culture of the country, the souvenir shops where you can buy gifts to take back home. Moreover we will take you to the streets of the Pettah town where you will be able to buy anything and everything.

The Colombo city takes a totally different form as the sun goes down. The night life of Colombo is comprised of world class restaurants, hotels night clubs, singing, dancing and so much more.

The tenth day is the last day of the tour, and we have planned to do a little shopping of your choice be it clothes, gems, food, and any other thing, you name it Colombo has a place to buy it.

The vacation will end after these ten wonderful and excitement filled days. We will drop you off at the airport with a humble invitation of meeting you again in your next vacation. Also check tour packages for 7 days in Sri Lanka.

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