November’s Charity: Olanka Travels’ Journey of Heartfelt Giving


You are not poor, but you are rich in your heart. Consider this as a support from us at Olanka Travels

With these inspiring words, Olanka Travels, in collaboration with the Yunitha Denawaka Foundation, marked a day of giving and remembrance on the 23rd of November, 2023. This significant date not only commemorates the late Yunitha Denawaka, but also celebrates the birthday of the revered Hon. Sai Baba.

The CSR initiative was a heartfelt tribute to a legacy of kindness and a beacon of hope for families facing hardship. One hundred families in need received food ration bags, each valued at LKR 2,000, packed with essentials like rice, sugar, tea, and more—staples to ease their daily toil.

The event stood as a shining example of community and giving. Spearheaded by Donald Denawaka, a founding member of the Yunitha Denawaka Foundation, the initiative was brought to life. Ravi Denawaka and Pramudi Karunarathne, the Founder/CEO and General Operations Manager of Olanka Travels respectively, alongside their dedicated team, worked relentlessly to ensure the day was a success. Their commitment, coupled with the generous financial aid from private donors, encapsulated the true spirit of generosity.

We pay tribute to late Yunitha Denawaka, whose vision has been a profound drive for charity for over two decades. With every success, the partnership between Olanka Travels and the Yunitha Denawaka Foundation has afforded multiple opportunities to undertake charitable projects, continuing a cycle of prosperity and generosity.   

Olanka Travels stands firm in its commitment to society; fueled by the belief that true wealth lies within the heart. As we forge ahead, we carry the torch of compassion, illuminating the path to a sustainable world, one act of kindness at a time.

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