How To Book Honeymoon Packages in Sri Lanka from India


Looking for Sri Lanka honeymoon packages from India? Are you looking to spend your first few days as man and wife on the exotic, tropical paradise of Sri Lanka? Whether you’re getting married in India or travelling through South Asia for your honeymoon, here’s what you need to consider so you can book the best honeymoon package in Sri Lanka.

When to go?


Deciding when to travel to Sri Lanka for your honeymoon is essential. Most couples prefer to go right after their wedding, while some couples choose to wait a week until the wedding fever dies down before jetsetting to their destination. When setting a date for your wedding, you also have to factor in where you want to be spending your honeymoon and when the best time to do that is. Tropical islands like Sri Lanka mean that it’s always a good time to travel here! With occasional bouts of rain, you’ll get to enjoy sunny, blue skies on most days. Though Sri Lanka has two main monsoons, the weather is somewhat unpredictable, therefore, it’s always necessary to be prepared for rain and sunshine!

Travel Agents


If it’s your first time to the island and there are many things you want to see or do in Sri Lanka, it’s always a good idea to enlist the service of a local travel agent, like Olanka Travels, who’ll be able to sort out your honeymoon package and take care of all the necessities like transfers, accommodation, iconic attractions and exciting excursions. That way, you can purely focus on planning your big day while the experts in not just the country, but also on how to plan a flawless vacation work their magic so that you and your partner can have the best and most special honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

The longer the better


Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t expect to Sri Lanka in a day or two! The island, although small, is packed with a plethora of mesmerizing attractions that beg you for you to discover them. Spend time on the beach, hike up rugged mountains, embark on a tantalizing tea tasting tour, visit local villages, admire religious shrines or take a walk back in time at some of the most culturally and historically rich cities. To do all these things in Sri Lanka and have a complete, fulfilled holiday, you’ll need to spend as much time as possible. A week is most ideal as you’ll be able to see the best of the best in Sri Lanka, while having some time to relax and celebrate your love with each other.

Budget it out

Nuwara Eliya

While budgeting your wedding, set aside a budget for your honeymoon too. When you decide how long you want to stay in Sri Lanka, look for a good honeymoon package that has as many inclusions as possible. Minor details like meal options, airport transfers, activities will add a toll to your wallet, also known as hidden costs. When booking with your travel agent, make sure all the basics and finer details are covered so you’re not left with any hidden cost surprises. Travelling around Sri Lanka is probably the most expensive, so make sure your transport is covered with your travel agent. Once you have planned these details, ensure you have enough money to do anything else that is not on your planned itinerary; for example, something might not seem fun when reading about it on Google, but it might seem interesting when you’re actually there! Keep a separate allowance for shopping, there are tons of souvenirs which you can buy in Sri Lanka that aim at benefiting local communities and it’ll be hard to resist buying cute elephant keychains for your family back home!

Mix Adventure and Relaxation

Always remember to do a bit of both during your honeymoon. A holiday filled with adventure will leave you feeling exhausted on your flight back home, while one that consists of relaxing everyday might bore you – especially when there’s so many things you can do in Sri Lanka. A day of adventure and exploration should ideally end with some relaxation, that way you’re fully prepared to enjoy the next day of your honeymoon! Remember to always have fun and not to wear yourself out, because your honeymoon should be a holiday and you should not feel tired and exhausted when it’s over.

Make a List

Sit with your partner and make a list of all the places you want to visit in Sri Lanka. Some of the must-visit places in the country include the stunning Cultural Triangle, which includes the ancient kingdoms and UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Sigiriya and Dambulla, the historic Galle Fort located on the south coast and the city of Colombo.

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