Guide on Arranging a Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka


The famed sport of cricket is popular in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Followed by people of all ages, gender or religion, the sport is much loved by locals and tourists that visit. Embark on a cricket tour in Sri Lanka and visit the most iconic cricket stadiums where cricketing history was made or engage in a round of the sport yourself!

1. Stadiums

Some of the most famous cricket stadiums you can visit are the Pallekele and Hambantota cricket grounds, Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium and the R.Premadasa Stadium. The Galle stadium was initially destroyed by the devastating tsunami of 2004, but was later rebuilt and read to host international matches in 2007. The Rangiri Dambulla stadium held its first match in 2001, while the newly constructed stadiums in Hambantota and Pallekele were built solely for the 2011 Cricket World Cup, where the country hosted India and Bangladesh. The international stadium located in Colombo, known as the R.Premadasa Stadium was one of the three grounds where Sri Lanka hosted the 1996 World Cup.

2. Best Time To Do Cricket Tour in Sri Lanka

Although the island is a tropical island, and you’re bound to experience a little bit of sunshine and rain within a couple of hours in a day, Sri Lanka is an all-round the year destination. However, the monsoon winds can dampen your holiday, especially if you intend of spending most of it outdoors; like playing cricket! As the country is affected by two main monsoons, the ideal time to visit the hill country and the west and south coast of Sri Lanka is between the months of December to March, where the weather is pleasant, with bright blue skies and light winds. The months from April to September are most ideal when you’re travelling to the east coast of the island.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is important, especially if you’re planning on visiting the famous cricket stadiums located around the country, whether the Galle stadium or the Palakelle stadium. A travel agency in Sri Lanka like Olanka Travels will ensure your travel plans will run smoothly and all the little details are taken care of. A cricket tour in Sri Lanka will also pack a few of the island’s best highlights into your tour, to ensure you get the best holiday! Planning your holiday with a travel agent, also means that details like your transfers, accommodation and travel times will be arranged and pre-planned so you wouldn’t have to worry about sorting anything out when you’re travelling to this tropical island. By planning ahead, you might also be lucky enough to watch any international matches that will be played on the island; in one of the cricket stadiums. Your travel agency will also be able to get arrange tickets, transports and accommodation if you’re interested in attending any of the matches.

4. Other Things to Do

Depending on your tour, you might also get to visit the Cricket Club Cafe for a scrumptious meal; dedicated to celebrate the victories and personalities of some of the greatest names in the sport. While touring the island and visiting its most famous cricket stadiums, you might also get to watch a couple of local or international matches, however, this depends on the month you visit and the cricketing schedules. Always make sure to pre book your cricket tour to make sure you get to witness the gentleman’s game being played in one of the most stunning cricketing stadiums. When you’re not standing in awe at the acres of lush manicured green around you, the island has a plethora of things to offer a traveller. Explore the treasures of the cultural triangle when you’re visiting Dambulla, stroll through the historic Galle Fort ramparts as you visit the Galle stadium, or spend your day shopping in the busiest city of Colombo after your visit to the R.Premadasa Stadium. No matter where you are, there’s always something exciting to be a part of, or explore in Sri Lanka.

5. Attire

As you’ll be spending a majority of your time outdoors, carry and apply plenty of sunscreen. Always wear a sunhat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the heat of the island sun. Light, comfortable clothes should be worn with comfortable walking shoes. However, do keep in mind when visiting temples or some historic sites, travellers are advised to dress appropriately and cover shoulders and knees before entering the premises. At temples, you’re required to take off any footwear before entering the site.

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