Colombo City Day Tour Guide


Wanted to do a Colombo city day tour? The commercial capital of the tropical island of Sri Lanka, Colombo is rapidly being adorned with skyscrapers and a changing coastline. Whether you’re heading to the city as the first leg of your journey to the island or the last, the city offers a myriad of things to do. Here are a list of things you should expect to do during a Colombo city day tour. Wear comfortable shoes and attire and get ready for a day of exploring!


The city is the best place for shopping. You’ll find budding new malls, boutique stores, high end retail outlets, and little stores selling a range of products that will leave you itching to buy more! Some of the most iconic malls include Colombo City Centre, Uptown Kandy Mall, Crescat Boulevard and many more. However, if you’re looking to be immersed in the local way of life while browsing the streets and shopping, head over to the bustling Pettah market. You’ll find everything from fresh fruits to electronics on the streets. While many malls and retail stores accept card payments, the street shops do not; so always keep cash in handy.


One may not believe that it’s completely possible to relax in a bustling city, but it’s completely possible. Colombo is populated with sky-rise towers and colonial-house styled hotels that provide the perfect escape from the noise and clutter. Head over to a spa and be relaxed under the therapeutic hands of the expert masseurs, with a traditional, healing Ayurvedic spa treatment or an eastern healing ritual.


Colombo city has a great many things to do for entertainment, from casinos and bars to cinemas and arcades. Head over to a rooftop bar to refresh yourself during your city tour as by mid-afternoon the heat can start to wear you down. The iconic Dutch Hospital is the ideal place to get your shopping done and grab a bite to eat with a thirst-quencher. With indoor and outdoor seating offered at many of the establishments, you won’t have to worry about enjoying your meals or drinks in the heat. Some of the most notable dining establishments include Ministry of Crab, Kaema Sutra and Upalis. Read below to find out more about local food. During your city tour, remember to stay protected with sunglasses and sunblock lotion.

Museum and Monuments

The National Museum of Colombo is a definite must-visit for you to understand and fully grasp the idea and story behind this colourful, vibrant and diverse country. Stroll through the quiet, historic hallways as you browse through various ornaments, relics and artefacts that date back to the time when kings ruled the land. You’ll find a jewel-encrusted throne, ancient attire worn by the royals, swords, knives and many more. Once you head away from the monarchical section, relics from the colonial past begin to display themselves. Another historically significant place to visit is the Independence Memorial Hall, a large pillar-styled building that was built to mark the day and place where the local people won independence and the right to rule their land from the British. Surrounded by stone lions guarding the premises, the memorial hall also has a secret museum located beneath the structure.

Local Food

The local food is packed with a plethora of spices and flavours that will make you crave for more! Sri Lankan food is delicious, and mouth-watering. Though cooking styles vary from region to region, some of the staples include the traditional rice and curry; a rice dish accompanied by more than 2 vegetables and a serving of meat, topped by a crispy papadam, the spicy Sri Lankan kottu; a roti based dish mixed with vegetables and meat and packed with spice! Other items you must try are string hoppers, isso wade (a popular street food), vegetable roti and egg hoppers.


No trip to the island, no matter which part of it you’re in, is ever complete without a visit to the area’s most sacred temple. In Colombo, the Gangaramaya Temple steals the spotlight. The temple’s architecture is an interesting mix of Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese and Thai architecture, this is also evident inside the temple premises as you’ll find many ‘gifts and souvenirs’ on display that were sent by the aforementioned countries to the temple. The temple complex is made up of several buildings, the most notable are the main temple, also known as the vihara, a museum and library, a residential hall, the cetiya, Bodhi tree, seema malaka; an assembly hall for monks and a relic chamber.

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