07 Best things to do in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka


Nuwara Eliya is a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka. This is about 7 best things to do in Nuwara Eliya.

If you are making plans for a holiday in Sri Lanka, it will be a great loss to have missed Nuwara Eliya. Blessed with misty mountains, infinite tea plantations and lush greenery Nuwara Eliya, brags a scenery more melodramatic than Britain’s.  It’s widely popular as Little England, because of the colonial style British holiday bungalows and the weather similar to Britain. This cozy little paradise offers plenty to do for pleasure seekers, intrepid adventurers and all sorts of other travelers who visit Nuwara Eliya. 

Let’s unwrap 07 best things to do in Nuwara Eliya

Tea Plantations

Nuwara Eliya is the best tea growing area of Sri Lanka which has massive tea plantations all over the area. Sri Lankan tea is believed as the finest tea in the world and if you plan to visit Nuwara Eliya exploring these incredible lush green tea plantations is a must. Out of many tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya we strongly recommend Pedro Tea Estate and Bluefield tea gardens which will offer you guided tours to learn the particulars of tea processing, of course a few cups of the world’s best tea to enjoy too. You can roam around the lush green tea plantations exploring by yourself as well.

Tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya by Olanka Travels

Visit tea factories.

Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea exporters in the world and a visit to a tea factory has become a fundamental of every Sri Lanka tour itinerary. Tea tours don’t take too long, Pedro Estate tea factory, Heritance tea factory and Nuwara Eliya Estate tea factory are few among the best. Once inside the factory you will see ancient machines in action. Tea production involves a tedious procedure of plucking, withering, rolling, oxidizing, and drying which requires ample manpower on regular basis. Tea factories are normally open from 10 am to 5pm and entrance free or at a nominal cost most of the time.

Hike in the Horton Plains

Hike in the Horton plains ends at the World’s End. This trek is more accessible and achievable comparing to other hikes of the sort due to the well-preserved paths and the less strenuous climb. The greatest time to start the trek is early morning when the dawn is cracked, and the sun rays are getting ready to embrace the misty plains.  The plains are home to vast variety of wildlife, containing samba deer, many birds and even leopards. Sunrise from the Horton Plains is absolutely spectacular and there are numerous places to get great photos but be careful near the edge.

Best things to do in Nuwara Eliya Horton Plains by Olanka Travels

Take train ride to Ella

The train ride from Ella to Kandy or vice versa is believed to be one of the most stunning train rides in the world and of course the ride will treat yourself to a view so sublime which will make you feel like you are dreaming. The journey will take more than 6-7 hrs. and will take you through splendid sceneries of tea plantations and mountain views. There will be so many sellers offering you freshly cut pineapples and mangoes, crispy fritters, and so on which are lip-smacking and value for money so there’s no need to worry about bringing food and snacks.

Visit wonderful Lover’s leap

Lover’s Leap Waterfall should be one of the must visits on your tour to Nuwara Eliya. The story behind this elegant waterfall is obviously tragic as village folks believe that it got its name due to two lovers who committed suicide by leaping over this beautiful cascade. You can easily hike to the top or rent some bicycles to ride too. There is a wonderful view from the top of the fall where you will see Nuwara Eliya town bordered by green foliage. This hike is perfect for an afternoon’s explore as an escape from rest of the world.

Tour to the Moon Plains

Moon Plains, locally known as “Sandathenne” is comparatively new tourist attraction in Nuwara Eliya. Surprisingly this was a garbage dump area in the past which has now been converted to a park with many biodiversity spots to see. You can get a splendid 360-degree view of the nine peaks including Piduruthalagala, Kirigalpoththa, The great Western Mountain and Single Tree Mountain from here.  This is alternatively referred as Mini World’s End and the magnificent view of the mountain peaks flora and fauna; nonstop tweeting of the lovely little birds is few of the highlights of visiting Moon Plains in Sri Lanka.


Last but not least, another famous attraction in Nuwara Eliya is Hakgala Botanical Garden. It’s one of Sri Lanka’s five main botanical gardens and is popular for being the most scenic out of all of them.  The garden resembles a true paradise with its exotic flora and fauna who displays their beauty throughout the year. There are over 1000 different species on parade here at the garden. Rare orchids and roses get the biggest attraction from the foreign and local travelers alike. The best time to visit the Hakgala Botanical Gardens is in April when almost all the plants are in full bloom.

Have we inspired you with enough reasons to plan your next holiday in Sri Lanka? If you plan to visit Nuwara Eliya for the tea plantations and tea factories two days will be sufficient yet your plan is to visit and engage in all the other activities, we suggested above spending 03-04 days is ideal.

Worlds end and things to do in Nuwara Eliya by Olanka Travels

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