Sri Lanka Tour Packages from UK


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from UK

Looking for Sri Lanka tour packages from UK? This is a holiday package hand tailored for the tourists coming down from the United Kingdom. U.K. is a country that is famous for its various tourist destinations, the four seasons pave the way for different types of tourists to visit the United Kingdom. But Sri Lanka is different, being a small island and being situated near the equator we don’t have the seasonal changes, rather we are capable of giving you all sorts of different experiences in just a few hours’ drive.

The Sri Lanka Holiday package from U.K. will focus on the following cities.

1. Negombo
2. Anuradhapura
3. Jaffna
4. Trincomalee
5. Dambulla
6. Kandy
7. Colombo

Day 1 – Negombo

Our tour guide from Olanka will pick you up from the Bandaranayke International Airport at the scheduled hour and will be there with you throughout the stay being your guide, driver and your friend.

The first destination of this ten day tour will be Negombo, a city that is situated in the Western Coast the country and is a few miles to the north of Colombo and thus will take only about twenty minutes for you to reach the destination.

Negombo is a city which has the qualities of both a busy city and a calm suburb, and also it is a famous for fishing thus a walk in the town will give you an insight as to the lifestyle of the fishery locals of Sri Lanka. Negombo being situated in the coastal line owns one of the best beaches of the country, moreover it claims ownership to a beautiful lagoon that is rich with bio diversity.

Here we have planned a boat ride in the lagoon and later you can spend some time in the sand and the waters of the beautiful Negombo beach. We will finish the day with a meal by the beach.

Day 2 and 3 – Anuradhapura (Must in Holiday Packages to Sri lanka from UK)


On the morning of your second day we will head to Anuradhapura, the most famous historical site in Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura was once a kingdom thus there many ruins of palaces and other important places during the period.

Apart from being a historical site, Anuradhapura is also city of the religious worshipers of the island. So on the first day we will take you to see the two most famous religious sites of the Buddhists, the Sri maha Bodhi and the Ruwanweli maha seya. The tour guide will explain you about the historical and religious importance of these two places. Later we will take you back to the hotel and let you experience some of the best authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine.

On the third day we will take you around to witness some of the historical sites where the remaining of the olden kingdom can still be seen. The sites will leave you mesmerized as to the architectural skill of the then architects who designed those massive palaces. The Olanka Travels guide will explain to you as to the importance of these places while you are there.

After the sightseeing we will head to the third destination of the tour Jaffna where you will be spending the fourth day of your vacation, we will check you in to your hotel and let you rest before we embark on the next day.

Day 4 – Jaffna

Jaffna is a city that is situated in the top most point of Sri Lanka, i.e. the northern peninsula. Sri Lanka is a multinational and a multi religious country and Jaffna is a city where most of its population is Sri Lankan Tamils who are Hindus. So here you will be able to witness the lifestyle and practices of the Hindus living in this island.

One of the itineraries that we have planned for you to visit while you are in Jaffna is the Nallur Kovil or the temple, which is a well renowned Hindu Temple. Our tour guide will explain to you about the cultural and religious background of the Sri Lankan Hindus while you are in the temple.

Afterwards we will take you to the beach to let you relax and enjoy the waves and enjoy a meal that is unique to Jaffna before you end your fourth day of the tour.

Day 5 and 6 – Trincomalee

The fifth and the sixth day of the tour will be spent in Trincomalee, a port city in the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka.

The main itinerary that we wish to cover while you are here is the Trincomalee is the Trincomalee natural harbor, history says that there has been so many sea battles to conquer this harbor given its geographical location. After the harbor we will take you to see the Fort Fredrick, a fort that was built by the Portuguese which is of rich architectural value. Day five will end with a rich Indian meal at the hotel.

If you can wake up early in the morning on the sixth day you could witness the gorgeous sight of the sun rising from the eastern horizon. The sixth day will be spent in a famous beach in Trincomalee, the Marble Beach.

Sri Lanka being an island is blessed with a gorgeous coastal line and spending a day on beach could give you a typical tropical feel and an experience of warmth, hence we have saved the entire day six for the beach. Here you can either spend the whole day lying on the beach for a perfect tan and dipping in the sea or if you are interested you can engage in a water sport like snorkeling or diving.

Day 7 – Dambulla

We will say goodbye to the beach on the seventh day and reach Dambulla which is also a historical site of the country. Here we will first take you to see the golden temple and the golden statues which will give you a different experience of visiting a temple. After paying your respect to the temple we will take you on a little hike.

The Sigiriya or the Singha- giri, the lions rock was once a palace that was built by a king that ruled Sri Lanka to protect himself from his own brother. This story behind this palace will be explained to you by the tour guide while you are in the site. You could climb the rock for a wonderful sight on top of the surrounding as well as the remains of the palace. Apart from the view and the remains of the palace there are so many other wonders that will leave you mesmerize such as the mirror wall and frescos.

After the hike we will drop you back at the hotel where you will relax and get ready to embark on the next day of your vacation.

Day 8 – Kandy


The next stop will be Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Kandy is situated in the central province amongst the hills thus this city has a milder climate compared to the other cities that you will visit while on this vacation.

Kandy has so many things to offer for a tourist, the temple of the tooth relic is one, this is the temple where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is placed, and thus every local visiting Kandy makes sure they pay a visit this sacred temple. So we have included this on our list of itineraries amongst other places of visit. After visiting the temple we will take you to visit the Peradeniya Botanical gardens, the largest botanical garden of the country.

On the evening we will take you back to the Kandy city where you will be able to walk around the famous Kandy Lake and do buy some gifts and souvenirs to take back home.

Day 9 and 10 – Colombo


The last two days of the vacation is centered on the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Colombo is a busy city with so many things to do and sight see. This is an old city that has grown up through the time preserving the ancient qualities as well.

Here we have planned a city tour that will take you around Colombo allowing you to explore the landmarks buildings and places of political and economic importance. Colombo is a city that doesn’t go to sleep, a different kind of the world is woken up when the busy day comes to an end. So on the last night we will let you experience the exclusive night life of Colombo. Colombo is a hub of world class restaurants and night clubs that is one of the main reasons why tourists are attracted to this country.

On the tenth and the last day of your holiday we have planned to take you on shopping to the Chinatown of Sri Lanka, Pettah or “Pita Kotuwa” as the locals say. This is the busiest commercial zone in the island, and you name it we have it, literally we have everything under the sun in this Pettah Market.

After the shopping we will drop you off at the Airport bidding you farewell.

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