Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Delhi


Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Delhi

Searching for Sri Lanka tour packages from Delhi (India)? A 3 days tour package aimed at the tourists from Delhi India that can also be used by any other traveler who has only three days to spare. It is evident that given the busy schedules of our lives, it is really difficult to spare a few days to enjoy a vacation, and even if we could afford a few days it is even more difficult to plan a worthy trip. The struggle is over now, we Olanka Travels has through our three day Sri Lanka holiday package will make sure you have a memorable and an adventures vacation in just three days.

This Delhi to Sri lanka tour package is tailored around three famous cities of Sri Lanka, Dambulla, Kandy and Negombo. The guide from Olanka will welcome you at the Bandaranayke International airport at your arrival and guide you to the first destination of the tour, Dambulla.

Day 1 – Dambulla


Dambulla is situated in the Central Province of the island and is one of the cities that is celebrated as a historical Kingdom. Hence visiting this city will give you not only amusement but also knowledge as to the history of this beautiful island.

While you are in Dambulla you will be able to witness so many unique attractions, but given the limited time we have only included the Dambulla cave temple and the famous Rock Fortress Sigiriya in the tour package. The Dambulla Cave Temple which is also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla is situated in the route on the way to Dambulla, thus we will take you there en route to your hotel from the Airport. This is a cave temple inside which statues and paintings related to the life of Lord Buddha is depicted.

Afterwards we will go check in to the hotel and relax for a while before we visit the Sigiriya Rock. This is another favorite destination of the tourists. This was once a kingdom that was built by a king to protect himself from his enemies. This hike will give you an insight as to the adventure tourism of Sri Lanka and experience the archeological and historical significance of the site.

After the hike we will leave Dambulla to reach our second day destination, Kandy. This journey will take about two hours and we will check you in to the hotel and spend the night there.

Day 2 – Kandy


You will wake up in this beautiful city on the second day of your tour. Here we have organized a Kandy city tour, a visit to the most prestigious Buddhist temple and a cultural dance to wind up the day.

This is the cultural center of Sri Lanka and there are so many attractions that one can visit, but given our tight schedule we will first visit the Temple of the Tooth relic where the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is placed and hundreds of devotees both locals and foreign visit this palace to pay their respect. After worshiping the temple we will proceed to tour around the city and enjoy some shopping and have a meal by the famous Kandy Lake.

We will take you to enjoy a traditional Kandyan dance at the night before ending the day.

Day 3 – Negombo


On the morning of the third day we will leave Kandy and arrive at our last destination of the vacation, Negombo. Sri Lanka is an island with the ocean all around it thus it’s a must for the tourists to visit a beach. So we have included Negombo in the package as it is considered as one of the best beaches of the island.

Negombo is a city in the west coast of Sri Lanka close to Colombo thus this city would give you the vibes of both a city and a village. The blue ocean and the golden beach will make sure you will have a wonderful stay. Apart from the beach Negombo is also the home for a natural Lagoon.

Either you can relax in the beach while gaining the perfect tan or you can engage in a water sport such as snorkeling, diving or swimming while you are in the beach of Negombo. Moreover you can visit the Negombo fish market and witness how retailers and the fisherman bargain for the best price. We will wrap up the vacation with a wonderful sea food meal which is the best in the coastal area of Sri Lanka.

So at the end we will escort you back to the Bandaranayke International airport from Negombo which will only take about fifteen to thirty minutes.

For inquires about Sri Lanka holiday packages from Delhi contact Olanka Travels. Also check packages for 12 days in Sri Lanka.

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