Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour: The Complete Guide


The Complete Guide On Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour

The Ramayana is a landmark story in the History of both Sri Lanka and our neighbor India, and this story has been interpreted by the writers of both the countries to embrace their own hero. However this article will give you an outline as to the Ramayana related places of visit that holds a tourist value; the Sri Lankan Ramayana Tour.

Sri Lanka is a country of not just beautiful places of visit, but also a country of a valued history and a treasured heritage, the Ramayana trail is one of the best examples for that.

The story of Ramayana is cherished especially among the Hindu devotes, thus this tour of Ramayana will give a spiritual travel experience to the Hindus. Moreover this tour experience would give the Non Hindu travelers an immense knowledge as to the rich Sri Lankan heritage.

This article will speak about a few Sri Lanka Ramayana Sites you could visit while on your vacation. These exciting places have been said to have touched with the Sri Lanka Ramayana trail, so don’t forget to read the Ramayana story before you embark upon the excursion. Thus ones you have read the story you will be more curious as to find about the trails, and you will be able to witness the places, the scenarios of this story actually took place while you are on your Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour Itinerary.

Witnessing these sites and hearing the stories entangled with the Ramayana Legacy will prove that these things has had actually happened in the past and is not merely restricted to the history books.

There are about forty major and minor sites that will leave you believe in faith if you are a Hindu devotee, while it will leave any other traveler quite mesmerized by the breathtaking views. Moreover for the ones who are researching on the history this tours will be of an educational value.

So here is a list of Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka.

Munnesswaran Temple

Sri Lanka Ramayana Tour

This temple situated in Chilaw is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Sri Lanka and one of must see Ramayana places in Sri Lanka that claims to have connections with the heritage of Ramayana. The Legend says that this was the place where Lord Rama prayed for God Shiva after he has defeated King Ravana who was a Brahmin. Killing a Brahmin or Brahmicide was considered as the greatest crime according to the Hindus, and when Lord Rama prayed for a remedy after killing Kingb Ravana he has preached that the only remedy would be to install five lingams (a symbol of divine generative energy as a symbol of Shiva).

Manavari Sivan Kovil

This Kovil or the Hindu temple is situated about 10 kilometers above Chilaw, in the Puttlam District North Western Province of Ceylon.

When Lord Rama killed the King Ravanam, God Shiva advised him to erect five lingams in Sri Lanka, so as to rectify the Brahmicide he committed by virtue of killing Ravana. This Manavari kovil holds the first Lingam installed by Lord Rama (Ramalingam). So this is one of most important Ramayana related places in Sri lanka.


During the battle King Ravana and his brother were both critically injured and, Hanuman was sent to the Himalaya in India to bring a lifesaving herb. Given the fact that hanuman has forgotten the name of the herb by the time he went to Himalaya, he has uprooted a part of the forest and bought it to Lanka.

Rumassala is considered as one of the five places where Hanuman has dropped fragments of this mountain as it slipped from his hands while bringing it to Ravana. The other places are; Dolu kanda in Kurunegala, Ritigala in Anuradhapura Road, Thalladi in Mannar and Kachchativu in the North.

Ram Sethu

This is also known as the Adam’s Bridge, which is situated at Thalaimannar the top most point of Sri Lanka which is also the closest point to India. The history tells that when Lord Rama got to know Princess Seetha was kept in captive in Ceylon, he with the help of hanuman and his army built this bridge using stones (corals) with his name on it and these corals can be seen if you visit the Panchamukhi Hanuman temple in Rameshwaram.

Ravana Cave and Temple

This is situated about 2 kilometers from Ella. If you observe the rocks and the caves patiently you will see that these are not natural caves but man made ones, thus showing the architectural intelligence of King Ravana. The cave has openings to several larger caves which ends after about 10 feet to the inside and one smaller cave which seems to have no end at all and it said to believe that this cave leads to various parts of the country. The reason behind making the caves would have been to travel within the country without drawing much attention.

Amongst the aforesaid Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka here is a list of other sites of Sri Lankan Ramayana trail that you could visit while on your vacation.

1. Thiruketheeswaram temple – Mannar
2. Koneswaram Kovil – Trincomalee
3. Sigiriya – Dambulla
4. Bhakta Hanuman Temple – Ramboda (on the route to Nuwaraeliya)
5. Ashoka Vatika – Nuwaraeliya
6. Seeta Amman Temple – Badulla (opposite the Hakkgala Botanical Gardens)
7. Seeetha Kotuwa – Hasalaka
8. Pulasthi Statue – Polonnaruwa
9. Ramboda Falls – Nuwaraeliya
10. The Chariot Path – on the top of the Ramboda Hills (Kandy-Gampola-Nuwaraeliya Road)

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