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Looking for Kitulgala adventure day trip? Sri Lanka is a beautiful and a gifted island, moreover a great place to visit and sight see despite all the political havoc that has created in the present. So please do not hesitate to visit this beautiful country and gain experiences of natural beauty, excitement, adventure and many more.

This is a one day tour package that we at Olanka Travels offer for foreigners visiting Sri Lanka and also not to mention our local travel enthusiasts. So if you are searching for a place that you can visit in one day and have memories for a lifetime, Kithulgala is the place that you are looking for.

This is not only a place that will promise you adventure and excitement, but it will also leave you awed given how the Mother Nature has gifted this strikingly beautiful place. Moreover this place also holds a historical importance as it is considered as a place where proof of pre historic civilizations has been discovered.


This is a small but yet attractive city that is situated towards the western side of the island, in fact this is situated in the Kegalle District in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Kitulgala is situated in close proximity to all central places of Sri Lanka, and I will list down the distance and the time period that it will take travel there.

  • Colombo to Kitulgala – 86kms/ 3 hours
  • Airport to Kitulgala – 84kms/ 2.30 hours
  • Kandy to Kitulgala – 60kms/ 2hours
  • Galle to Kitulgala – 184kms/ 3.30 hours

You will be amazed to find out the range of beautiful wonders that you can witness and the number of activities that you can engage in just in one day. Below are the itineraries and the adventure activities that you will be able to witness and engage in while you are in Kithulgala.


Jungle walks

Being situated in the wet zone of the island, Kithulgala is blessed with a beautiful green forest where you can walk through and explore wonders. Here you will be able to witness various types of tress where some of them are endangered.

Bird watching

Moreover, this forest is the home for different species of birds and thus bird watching is considered as one of the most reasons why the tourists are attracted to this beautiful destination. The bird watching trails that are led down in the village and in the forest will guarantee you with witnessing magnificent endemic species of birds including the Sri Lanka Orange-billed babbler and chestnut-backed owlet. Apart from the birds, you will also be able to find reptiles including green pit viper and earless lizard and even a wide variety of butterflies.

River bathing

Why say no to a bath in the flowing blue waters while you are here. The visitors who visit Kitulgala never miss a chance to have an unforgettable time having a splash and a dip in the cold waters. We value your safety, therefore you will always have to be very cautious when stepping in to the waters. So please be mindful to step in to the water from only the places reserved for bathing and have been so marked by the authorities as safe.

Belilena Cave

Not only will this one day tour will be filled with excitement and adventure but it will also be an educational journey as you will be able to get a glimpse in to the pre historic era of this beautiful island, Sri Lanka. The Belilena Cave is known to be the home for the “Balangoda Man” (Homo sapiens balangodensis). The skeletons that have been discovered in this site has helped to establish the prehistoric civilization of Sri Lanka.

The Belilena Cave is situated 8kms from the Kitulgala town and there will be a 1km trek worth 30 minutes of adventure, and you will reach the hill as you climb up the hill.


White water rafting

This is what Kithulgala is mostly famous for, white water rafting. White water rafting is a recreational outdoor water sport, where an inflatable raft has to be steered across a flowing river, handling different levels of roughness in the water. This is a great sport that requires unity and team work as the steering of the raft takes the effort of all the team members. The exciting journey of 5kms along the Kelani River which is renowned for its beautiful surroundings, which will guarantee you with an excitement filled magical adventure.

We at Olanka would always want to assure your safety. The white water rafting instructors will be there to give you instructions beforehand as to how to manipulate the raft and what to do and what not to do. Moreover we will provide you with modern rafts and other required equipment along with personal protective equipment such as helmets and inflatable life jackets. So make sure you wear them before you embark upon the adventurous raft.

Flat water rafting – for kids

Being a family with small children doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some fun in the water, flat water rafting will ensure that you have an adventure filled day as well.

There are several packages where the rafting could be up to 40kms up the Kelani River, moreover we could even arrange a picnic upon your request.

Our packages are as follows;

1km raft – duration 30 – 40 minutes
2km raft – 1 to 1 ¼ hours
5km raft – 2 hours
20 km raft – one day program from Kitulgala to Yatiyanthota

To get Kitulgala water rafting package price for locals & foreigners contact Olanka Travels. 

Mountain biking

The Mountain Bike rides uphill and downhill will give you a total different kind of experience apart from engaging in water sport activities. The bike rides will take you around and amongst the beautifully layered nature along the hill as you go. Moreover it will also take you through the village giving you the opportunity to look in to the village life of the people living with the nature.

Our packages are as follows;

Belilena Ancient Cave – 6kms up and down
Village trail – 5kms up and down
Off road up and down hill – 12kms

Waterfall jumps and waterfall abseiling

Another great adventure that you can engage in while you are in Kithulgala is waterfall abseiling. This is the best sport to test your confidence as here you will have to climb up a waterfall by the use of only a rope dangling from above with no support whatsoever to hang on to.

The climb up the waterfall with running water under your feet and the beautiful natural scenarios around you will for sure leave you mesmerized, awed and intimidated. The climb will take up to three to four hours and we will offer refreshments at an additional cost if requested by you.

To get Kitulgala day outing packages contact Olanka Travels.

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