Water Tank & Tube Well

To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in Sri Lanka is something we truly care about and in doing so, we do our utmost to build a better, sustainable way of life for those living in the disadvantaged parts of our society. All projects are planned in an engaging and inclusive manner, in consultation and partnership with the community, to better gauge and understand their basic needs.

In the rural villages of Sri Lanka, there is a dire and widespread need for clean water and sanitation. Unfortunately, for many families in these areas, clean drinking water is not accessible.

By identifying this need, Olanka has been dedicated to donating and distributing water tanks and tube wells across densely populated areas in order benefit people suffering from scarcity of hygienic drinking water. Our goal is to improve their lives by providing them with the most basic necessity – clean water.

Help a heart

We are passionate about improving the health of needy people. As a company, our CSR policy aligns with the corporate philosophy, which defines living and working together for common good. To this end, our employees are encouraged to volunteer and enjoy the experience of giving back to the communities in which they work in. One of the main CSR projects we are involved in is donating money to those suffering with the condition commonly known as ‘Hole in the heart’. Our mission to fund the surgeries and medications needed to help these people in dire need.

Food & Cloths for needed

Since its founding, Olanka has been firmly committed to active Corporate Social Responsibility and to addressing national challenges of education and poverty alleviation. In addition to building houses for the disadvantaged in rural villages, we are dedicated to distributing clothes and food for the needy, in order to alleviate the poverty faced in Sri Lanka and help families in need of basic amenities.

Our aim is to make a difference in the lives of these families, improve their quality of life and promote a much healthier, happier lifestyle.

Helping Deaf & Blind Locals

Olanka has an enduring commitment to working to fulfill our public responsibilities and to serve the needs of people in communities’ island wide. Fundamental to this commitment is the role we serve to the deaf and blind people in Sri Lanka. As our company has grown, this commitment has extended as we continue to provide locals with food, water and other necessities. To this end, we carefully make sure that their needs are well taken care of, contributing to their overall health and contentment.

Build Houses

Shelter is one of the basic needs of people, yet in many rural areas in Sri Lanka, a large number of people do not have the luxury or are often living in poorly-built homes.

At Olanka, we try our level best to satisfy those needs of our community by building houses for the poor, under-privileged and poverty-stricken. Since helping the disadvantaged is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture, this initiative is aimed to help families, who often have young kids, to improve their living conditions and provide them with basic amenities such as toilets, clean water and electricity. When we build houses, we always make sure we meet the needs of those that live in it and one of the essentials we consider is that it has to be a place to sleep, eat and for the children to grow up in.

Support Local Schools

By developing a strategy based on identifying ways to contribute to our local communities, we are building long-term CSR investment through the fulfillment of sustainable community projects. Through our dedication to local communities, we are able to support and assist the development of important social projects including supporting local schools.

We are pleased to work alongside young children across the regions in partnership with local schools to develop better educational facilities. Many schools around the island lack the most basic facilities, including chalkboards, books and stationery. Oftentimes, the school buildings in these areas are damaged, and face infrastructural problems, creating poorly-managed learning environments for students.

At Olanka, we identify local schools that suffer from such instances and offer our support by buying school supplies or conducting renovations for torn-down school buildings to improve enrollment of children and deliver quality education. Through donations, we are able to help these schools develop and provide students a better learning environment with improved facilities.