Sri Lanka Tour Packages from Lahore


Day 1 – Kandy


Your Sri Lanka tour packages from Lahore begins from Kandy despite the notion that being away from Colombo is a beautiful urban center of its own. Temple of tooth relic of sacred lord Buddha as it is famously known, can be considered as the center piece of all attraction around Kandy. Kandy is a blend with both cultural and religious values. Kandy is an expedient base to have a break for a few days while exploring the Cultural Triangle .The Esela Perahera that commence in august can be portrayed as a massive attraction for general public is held around the Dalada Maligawa.Kandy had been the capital of last kingdom in ancient time.

On your way to Kandy we will take you to see the elephant orphanage Pinnawala When in Pinnawala you will get to see plenty of baby jumbos wondering around their foster home or bottle fed. This will be that place you will never forget in your journey to Sri Lanka is one of the most popular and accessible places to visit on your way to Kandy. It is the most prevalent elephant attraction with plenty of holiday makers.

You will be able to witness the Kandyan dancing which is commonly known as Udarata Natum. You will be able to see the famous ” ves dance” in the perehera.

Arrival in Kandy & take a city tour (Upper lake drive).
Pinnawala elephant orphanage.
Witness a cultural dance in the evening.

Day 2 – Colombo


We at Olanka Travels will allow you to take a stroll in the beautiful and one of the busiest city in Colombo. Our travel agents and executive tour guides will always be there for you to explain about these amazing places. The amazingly beautiful place will add colors to your travel getaway without a doubt.

Night walks will be a brilliant and excellent tonic for the stress and busyness of the city of Colombo, and will be a break from your gradually digital lives. Night walking will give you a fresh viewpoint on a city. Colombo is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with history and models of modernity mingling on the Bere Lake.

The city of Colombo still remains as a bustling city even at nightfall. Beautifully lighted up buildings, hectic traffic, multicolored neon symbols with people thronging the streets make the city exceptional and iconic nightscape. Colombo has got the best city skyline with the tallest towers and all you can see when in Colombo is a variety of monuments, museums, merchant attractions and other places of interests which attract people from all over the world. Colombo can be presented as the commercial hub in Sri Lanka as it is a home for loads of business hubs.

It should be highlighted the notion that if you are into food and clothes you must visit and should have a look at the branded clothes boutiques around Colombo.

Colombo city tour & Shopping.

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