An all-inclusive guide to Whale Watching in Sri Lanka


Among the other excruciating journeys, you’ll take in Sri Lanka, Whale Watching in Mirissa is the best part of your Sri Lankan Tour. Mirissa is a small finishing town in southern Sri Lanka, that holds the best geographical location for whale watching. The golden beach and the turquoise sea will sprinkle you with that beach holiday vibe which is the best therapy for you if you are a true ocean lover. What can be more rewarding than sighting magnificent whales during your beach holiday for you?

Mirissa in Sri Lanka

Where is Mirissa and how to get there?

Mirissa is a small town in the Galle district of southern Sri Lanka. You can take the scenic route by the sea, the highway, or the famous train route to come to Mirissa. Getting to Mirissa does not take that much time if you are staying in Colombo. If you take the highway, it will take only an hour for you to get to Galle. But the scenic route by the sea and the railway to Galle too is highly recommended for you will certainly appreciate the picturesque view.

Mirissa is the perfect destination for a beach lover. Southern Sri Lanka gives you access to experience the Asian wildlife excursion you always desired. But you surely have added a relaxing evening by the beach watching the sunset to your Sri Lankan tour.  Your destination Mirissa will give you all these without a fail. This is arguably the most famous destination for whale watching in Sri Lanka. The geographical position makes Mirissa the finest destination for whale watching as it has the narrowest continental shelf with ocean depths reaching from 1Km to a few kilometres offshore.

Mirissa beach Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka itinerary

What to expect during your excursion? 

You already know that Sri Lanka is a haven for wildlife. Freely roaming elephants in the Yala and the Udawalawa national park, Sri Lankan leopard spotted majestic in Yala, a multitude of birds in different shades, giant crocodiles, leatherback turtles and how can you not go and see the whales? Whale watching at Mirissa is a must-do in your Sri Lankan itinerary. You are guaranteed that you will reward your eyes with a magnificent view of these amazing whales. That is because Sri Lanka is at the top few countries in the world to watch whales. Seeing these magnificent creatures float freely in the ocean is an exhilarating sight. Undoubtedly this is one of the best experiences you will get during your Sri Lankan tour Itinerary and that one excursion you will never regret.  

Different species of whales can be seen on the Sri Lankan coast. Before you take the tour know what you are expected to witness. A variety of whale species can be seen throughout your whale watching tour. This includes Fin, the second largest whale species on earth; Bryde’s whale, a baleen whale also known as the tropical whale; Minke, a member of the ‘great whale’ family; Humpback whales who live in oceans all around the world and travel great distances; Sperm whales, the largest toothed whale and, the largest of them all the blue whale. If you see dolphins during your whale watching excursion, do not be surprised as the Sri Lankan coast is constantly visited by a plethora of dolphins. The best time to see the whales and dolphins are between late November to mid-April. However, the spectacular sight of blue whales is guaranteed to be seen between February and Mid-March. This is the time of the year when a smaller fish called Krill groups around the coastline of Sri Lanka who whales love to consume. Apart from the Krill feast for the whales, there’s an annual whale migration of blue and sperm whales between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian seas through the coast of Sri Lanka. This migration is now celebrated as of the greatest migratory routes of the world. During your trip to Sri Lanka from November to April, you won’t miss the sight of these colossal creatures.

Whale watching in Mirissa sri lanka

Best time for whale watching

You can find plenty of tour operators who offer you whale and dolphin watching expeditions. Most of these set off from Weligama bay. There will be some tour operators who offer you cheaper tickets. But remember your safety comes first. Ethical whale watching is another aspect you need to think about when you choose your tour operator. Whale watching is a relatively new tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. Therefore, make sure that you choose a reliable operator who will not disturb the wellbeing of the whales, or any other marine life sighted during your excursion. Taking an ethical tour is important for your safety as well as for the safety of the whales because experienced reliable tour operators follow the proper and necessary practices. Such operators will always keep a safe distance from the whales and dolphins that you encounter while guaranteeing a breathtaking view of these truly magnificent creatures that you don’t see every day. These whale watching tours of Mirissa usually depart around 6.30 am, and last for nearly five hours. If the whales are not sighted the tour might extend from six to eight hours as per your suggestion.

Where to stay in Mirissa? 

If your Sri Lankan itinerary includes whale watching, you must stay near Mirissa. Plenty of star grade hotels and cosy motels are available near the beach and even in Galle, from where you can easily travel to Mirissa. Most of these luxury hotels, villas, guest houses and even budget hotels in Mirissa are within walking distance to the beach. Most of the best star grade hotels and resorts are further along the coast. If you intend to you can find cheaper accommodation easily in this area. Yet all these hospitable places assure you comfort and most importantly mouth-watering seafood dishes of all sorts. Most of the restaurants of the area have excellent seafood menus and they are a few minutes away from the beach. So, you can enjoy your meals as you watch the sea waves touch the soft beach. All these hotels and villas provide you with delicious cuisine in their specific restaurants. Many of them have restaurants on Mirissa beach that offer you seafood menus, both local and international, and beverages in the evenings. 

Mirissa Villa and resort for stay
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