Olanka Travels China GSA

Kathy & Lin is from travel trade and from China. They currently do outbound tours to Europe, Maldives and many countries. We have an exclusive partnership with their company. They represent Olanka Travels in Shanghai and they carry out brand name among their customers. Olanka Travels China arm cater for B2B and B2C customers. Olanka Travels Sri Lanka branch helped Kathy & Lin to get things started and have given all the support in terms of systems, promotional materials and very competitive pricing to sustain in the business and make profits.

Olanka Travels Armenia GSA

Arshak and his wife visited Sri Lanka recently and fall in love with our paradise. They were amazed by what Sri Lanka can offer for the world. They decided to take an initiative and tap in to Armenia and Georgia with Sri Lanka tours. Olanka Team has helped them to setup everything from start and providing a great ongoing support. They use our main website and we have an exclusive contracts with Arshak for all the customers which comes from Armenia and Georgia.

Sister Company Japan

Olanka Travels has a partnership with one of the leading land operator and travel in Japan. We handle their ground operation in Sri Lanka and again we are exclusively contracted with our Japanese sister company. Both companies have invested in marketing and also for set departure programs to Sri Lanka and maldives.