Heshanie Ranasinghe

Students are being graduated in numerous field of disciplines but it is a doubt are they getting the opportunity to acquire the practical exposure of their studies. In fact the studies will be clueless if they are not offered the chance to apply the same in their working environment. Also the business organizations who volunteer to offer the practical training are very few. Hence Olanka Travels bridges knowledge gaps and provide the practical training of the field of Travel and tourism. I am Heshani who has a strong interest in Travel and Tourism. My field of study was Hospitality and Tourism which I had completed nearly six months before. Sooner I completed my Degree had got a chance to join in Olankaas an Intern. Olanka provided me with the necessary training during the period of six months which was greatly helped me to experience the practical exposure of the Travel and Tour Industry. I am feeling fulfilled with the necessary qualifications along with the experience now I am pretty much proud to be aprofessional of such a progressive firm which emphasizes the success of the company is the success of the employees.
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