Family Tour to Sri Lanka

Dear Ravi and Fernando, I hope you are doing well and also I also i hope you remember our travelling family. This time I’m contacting you with my friend Alfredo, who is planning a trip to Sir Lanka, more or less the same round we did that time, but you can give him different option. I told him that we had had a nice experience with your service. So, we felt like we had your attention all to ourselves during our visit to Sri Lanka. You had arranged our tour and catered to all our needs as well as developed a personalized tour with our own guides and driver, which was a privilege that we will not forget. Each aspect of the trip was truly lovely. The driver, was prompt, if not early, courteous, and professional. The hotels were perfect in terms of either location, amenities, and/or unique structures. However, the most unique part of the trip was having access to educated and well versed guides. To learn the history throughout our trip and to evaluate paintings, sculptures, artwork in temples and the alike and understand the meaning provided so much substance to our trip. As family travelers, you constantly contacted us during our trip to ensure we were ok.

Best Regards


By admin On 12th October 2020