8 Tips to Deal Safely with Tuk-Tuk Drivers in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is the best place to travel around and experience the joy of beauty. This country offers, sightseeing, beautiful sceneries, beach, water sports, suburb experience and much more interesting things.
It is a safe country to travel and not as dangerous as many other countries, although travelling solo is a risk and the travelers needs to be more alert and safe. In most cases, women travelers need to be more concerned when travelling to unknown or deserted parts of the country.

Public transport is the easiest and most preferred mode of travelling in Sri Lanka when covering short distances. You can get into route buses or alternatively hire a tuk-tuk to reach your desired spot. Tuk-tuk drivers in Sri Lanka are very helpful – they take you to the exact place through shortcut routes, explain you of the safety measures, dos and don’ts, and may also be your travel guide. However, there could be instances hiring a tuk-tuk turning to be a threat. Whether a local, or a foreign traveler, it is always important to deal safely with tuk-tuk drivers. There are many cases today on reported fraud, misbehavior, harassment and many other crimes committed by unprofessional tuk-tuk drivers.

Here are some tips to avoid trouble and be safe when travelling by tuk-tuks.

Tip 1: Be attentive to the look of the tuk-tuk driver

Before getting into a tuk-tuk, it is important to consider the look and behavior of the driver, especially when travelling alone. Some drivers throw nasty looks or speak in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Always make sure you take safety measures when travelling with such drivers. Best is to avoid them!

Tip 2: Avoid unwanted conversations

Some tuk-tuk drivers are extremely chatty. They may be conversing just to entertain the traveler and these drivers are friendly and safe. Whereas, others may converse to get your attention and make you let out your personal information. This might lead to uncalled trouble. Always be aware of what you talk and what information you let out.

Tip 3: Be mindful what you converse with your friends in a tuk-tuk

When you are travelling by a tuk-tuk, make sure you keep your conversations low key. It is normal to speak over the phone or have a chat with our mates while traveling, while doing so make sure that you do not let out important information like, account numbers, pin codes, address, mobile numbers, etc. Some drivers may take a note of the information and trouble you later on. You never know, crime is always a surprise, it could happen to anyone.

Tip 4: Do not get into a tuk-tuk of a drunken driver

Especially during festive seasons, be sure to avoid drunken drivers. It makes your trip unsafe – they find it difficult to drive straight, tempt to start unnecessary conversations, sometimes harass with unwanted talks and finally you become totally irritated and feeling nervous. Even if you have already got into the tuk-tuk you can always ask to park the vehicle in a low voice and walk away.

Tip 5: Keep all your belongings with you

Always make sure to cover and keep your valuables close to you, body language is very important is such times. Do not let out any kinds of hint that will provoke the driver to cause harm to you. It is always a big risk in carrying large sums of money or valuables while travelling alone. When travelling on trips always keep track of the roads, some drivers take you off the route just to rob you.

Tip 6: Have an estimate of your travel cost

The latest method of charging for tuk-tuk is by the meter, and it decides the amount to be charged for the distance covered. Always make sure you book tuk-tuks from travel agencies and check whether the meter of the tuk-tuk is working before starting the journey. Some drivers may charge you extra even with a meter. In case of normal tuk-tuks, always negotiate the price before hopping into the tuk-tuk.

Tip 7: Attire is important and always dress decently

Revealing clothes may get you into trouble more easily. Sometimes, the driver may be decent, but the attire of the customer may cause his mind to deviate and unwanted trouble may arise. Especially when you are travelling alone and are a foreigner, keep low key and do not get too friendly with the drivers.

Tip 8: Pay special attention when travelling at night

Travelling at night alone is a risk in itself, especially if you are a woman. Conversing with a friend over the phone or even passing hints like, my husband is waiting for me at this place etc., may help you reach home safe. It is up to you to take precautions and be alert, just to stay safe from the crimes.

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