Galle: The Complete Travel Guide

Galle is the capital city of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is located 199 km from Colombo and it is the fourth biggest city in the entire Sri Lanka. The majority (almost 73%) of the population is Sinhalese and the history of the city has a root that dates back to the 16th century (before the arrival of Portuguese). Furthermore, Galle represents the best example of a well-prepared city, which was built by the Portuguese in South and Southeast Asia. Let’s move forward and explore the city of Galle.

Things to see in Galle

Galle Dutch Fort: Galle Dutch Fort is one of the best tourist attractions in the city of Galle. This unique fort carries immense archeological reserves and cultural heritage. Also, it is the ancient fort in Asia and UNESCO has named this fort as a World Heritage Site. Within the fort, travelers will discover numerous alluring elements such as Dutch Museum. This museum is affluent in diversified paintings, images, and furniture of the refurbished Dutch Church. For accessing the fort easily, the Dutch had built this city on the peninsula. The Dutch Fort will be the place to visit in the evening because you will see the pictorial scenery of the sunset! Koggala Museum: Koggala museum is situated in an adjacent place to the Galle town. The museum is extremely popular for Folk, Art, and Cultural collections and they were all built in memory of Sri Lankan writer, Martin Wickramasinghe. Apart from this, the Koggala Lake is another attraction that can also capture the attraction of several tourists. Unawatuna Beach and Rumassala Mountain: The Unawatuna Beach has lots of admirer among the tourists for its marvelous sights and calm sea. With that said, the beach is very popular for swimming and snorkeling as well. The beach has affluent bio-diversity and it is considered a paradise for people who love to walk on the wonderful crescent on the sand. Other than the Unawatuna Beach, the Rumassala Mountain has got a fair amount of affection from the tourists as it was the place where Ramayanaya had hidden Queen Sita (according to Indian Legend). You can spot this place from the Unawatuna beach.