What are the business hours and days?

InstitutionHoursOpen DaysClosed
Banks09:00 – 15:00Mon – Fri (some open Sat morning)Sundays, Poya Days*
Government Offices09:30 – 17:00Mon – Fri (some open Sat morning)Sundays, Poya Days
Shops10:00 – 19:00Mon – Fri (some open Sat morning)(Some open Sun morning), Poya Days
Post Offices10:00 – 17:00Mon – Fri (Sat morning)Sundays, Poya Days

Are credit cards accepted everywhere?

Credit Cards are extensively used and accepted by local establishments (even in small towns). The most popular card types are Visa and MasterCard, with Amex being used to a lesser extent. It’d be a convenient option to use your Credit Card (valid for international use) whenever possible.

Where can I re-exchange?

The Re-Exchange (purchase of foreign currency) can only take place on your departure at the Bank counters at the airport. Remember that they will only accept bank receipts (not Money Changer receipts).

What’re requirements for re-exchanging?

Please keep with you whatever receipts of exchange (including ATM receipts) for monies declared. This will be useful when re-exchanging to foreign currency and taking your money back out of the country.

How much of money can I take out of the country?

If you intend to take out from Sri Lanka a sum exceeding US $5000(or its equivalent in Euro or some other currency) in currency notes (out of the money brought in), you must declare the total amount brought in, even if it’s less than US$ 15,000.

How much of money can I bring into the country?

You can bring any amount of money in foreign currencies into Sri Lanka. It could be in TCs, Bank drafts or currency notes. But, if the total is more than US $15,000 (or its equivalent in Euro or some other currency) that sum must be declared to Sri Lanka Customs.