How to keep away mosquitoes?

Most hotels will provide you with a plug-in mosquito repellent which may usually be switched on during turn down. You can purchase the mats (small repellent tablet inserted to the plug-in unit), the burning coils or citronella candles from most local supermarkets. Apply some repellent lotion when dining outdoors, etc.

What health issues must I be concerned with?

Sri Lanka boasts one of the most reliable healthcare systems in the developing world. But emergency medical facilities may not be widely available outside of the main cities. Those travelling from Africa or Latin America must have a valid certificate of vaccination for Yellow fever and Meningitis before the arrival.

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka?

Yes. The country is at peace. Tourists visit Sri Lanka in record numbers and feel the pervading sense of peace, safety and stability as they relish the pristine glory of the small island nation. Where we conduct our tours, we also ensure the safety and security of our tourists.

What safety precautions I should necessarily take when travelling?

according to accepted norms in traveling, you should put all your valuables like money, passport, tickets, jewels etc in the hotel safe deposit locker. As the international custom goes, hotels aren’t responsible for objects lost in the room. Keep a note of your Travelers’ Cheque numbers separately from Travelers’ Cheques.