Top Things To Do in Negombo

Things To Do in Negombo

Negombo, one of the closest beach resorts to the country’s commercial capital Colombo, will give you a holiday experience you are never to forget. From a wide range of decent to luxurious accommodation, scrumptious food and Negombo attractions to keep you entertained, you will not have dull moment to complain about during your stay.

One of the main highlights of this beautiful town, no matter if you are there to spend the day in Negombo or over a long weekend, is obviously the dazzling blue waters of the beaches, with their golden sand, warm, soft and comfortable to dig your feet into. If you are out to have a relaxing time, then the beach will be the ideal place for you to hang out. Because even though Negombo is a popular tourist attraction and you will find the town constantly has a hustle of tourists milling about, you will be able to find yourself a secluded spot along the long stretches of beach. You can kick your feet back and enjoy some quality time soaking in the sun. Make sure you are well equipped with some quality sunblock, and maybe a straw hat and a pair of sunnies in order to enjoy the view. And you might even get lucky enough to view beautiful sunsets and sunrises, right from the comfort of your room, if you are booked into a beach side boutique hotel.

On the other hand, if you are on a mission to add some new experiences under your belt, then you should head on to the more crowded parts of the beach, filled with locals and tourists alike, more famously known as the Negombo Beach Park. Adrenaline pumping water sports such as deep sea diving, surfing and snorkeling are available for those who want to try their hand at it. You will find that the water is at a comfortable temperature for swimming for long periods of time.

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In the heart of the town itself, you will find many colonial era buildings that have been refurbished to suit the modern needs. One glance at the buildings will show the hand the Dutch played in setting them up. These buildings now act as popular tourist attractions, because they have been converted to famous restaurants and pubs such as Lords restaurant, Ice Bear Century Café and Rodeo Pub that serve up some of the best sea food in town along with playing some lively music to keep your feet tapping. You can easily explore the town on foot, because of the narrow streets you have to navigate through, and it is by the best way in which you can appreciate the beauty of these buildings. If you do end up getting lost within the alleyways, then the friendly local community, will be more than happy to help you out, and get you back on track.

The standout of the Dutch architecture that once controlled this town, is the Old Dutch Fort, only the ruins of which remain today. And it’s not an easy feat to get a glimpse of this, because the front of this building has been converted to a modern day prison and only though this can you view the remains of the fort. Close to the Dutch Fort you will come across the Main Fish Market, and if you head out in the early hours of the morning you will be able to witness the fishermen pulling in their canoes and bringing in their catch for the day. And if you can stand the smell, then the market itself will hold your interest, watching the traders in action. The market sells, not only fish brought in from the wide open seas, but also pawns, crabs and lobsters that have been harvested from the lagoon in the northern end of the town.

The Hamilton Canal, built by the Dutch stretches along 120km, connecting you to Colombo in the southbound direction and Puttalam up ahead. The canal side paths are ideal for you to enjoy a bicycle ride in. Being highly populated by Roman Catholics, the St. Mary’s church is by far the biggest church in town, and houses some beautiful, religious paintings on the interior dome, which is a sight to behold.

This scenic town has got something of interest for everyone, and you will find yourself heading back with some delightful memories, as well as beautiful trinkets as souvenirs.

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