How To Book Sri Lanka Luxury Honeymoon Package

Looking for Sri Lanka Luxury Honeymoon Package? Sri Lanka is a tropical island surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, this island is a famous holiday destination for travellers all around the world, especially for the Honeymooners. Thus if you want to spend your honeymoon in a magical tropical island, Sri Lanka is the best place to visit with your better half to spend that special vacation of yours.

The honeymoon is the first vacation you take with your partner after your big day, so the honeymoon should be made to a place where you can relax after all the hectic days of planning and stressing over the beautiful white wedding. Not only should that place be a place for you two to relax, but it should also be a place where you will be able to enjoy and make memories for a lifetime.

Olanka Travels has a special Honeymoon package tailor made for you love birds. This Honeymoon Package of Olanka will be centred on the following cities and it will be spread across eleven romantic days.

The tour guide of Olanka will meet you at the Bandaranayke International Airport and escort you to Negombo, the first destination of your Honeymoon. The guide of Olanka will not only be your guide, but also your chauffer, translator and your friend throughout the stay. Thus you will not have to worry about the stress of finding transport or getting help in the far away country as you spend your honeymoon.

Day One – Negombo

Negombo is a city in the west coast of Sri Lanka in the close proximity to the Airport. Once you two are in Negombo the guide will check you in to the hotel and let you relax after all the traveling.

Negombo is blessed with a beautiful coastal line and the beach is the best friend of couples in love. So here you can just lay in the beach while sunbathing together or you may go for a swim in the beautiful blue waters. As Negombo is situated in the western coast, you will be able to witness the breath-taking sight of the sun setting with the love of your life sitting next to you.

The perfect day at the beach will end with a romantic dinner with the waves splashing down your feet and the sea breeze dancing through the hair.

Day Two and Three – Dambulla


After having breakfast the next day we will leave to your second destination where you will be spending your second and the third day of you honeymoon. Dambulla is a historical city that is the home for several historical sites such as the Dambulla cave temple and the Sigiriya.

En route to Dambulla hotel we will take you to visit the Dambulla cave temple which is one of the best preserved cave temples of the world and reach the hotel just in time for the lunch. Afterwards you can enjoy each other’s company snuggled in the hotel and get a one hours’ worth Ayurvedic Couple Spa Massage.

The third day will end with a romantic candle light dinner with a bottle of wine shared between the two.

The honeymoon is not just to snuggling up and relaxing, thus we have also included an adventure rock climbing to this honeymoon package. On the fourth day of the tour we will take you to Sigiriya, the rock fortress that was built by a King that ruled Ceylon. The climbing will be worth the view that you will be able to witness as you reach the top. Moreover you will also get the opportunity to visit the iconic art gallery that is inside the fortress and also visit the perfectly landscaped gardens as you climb up the rock.

In the evening we will let you walk through the villages of Dambulla letting you embrace the company of each other in the foreign land.

Day Four and Five – Kandy


After breakfast we will guide you to our third destination of your honeymoon, Kandy. Kandy is the cultural city of the island and is the home for many beautiful landmarks of historical, cultural and religious importance. And above all Kandy is a beautiful city with a mild temperature that is perfect for a honeymoon with so many great places of visit that you must perceive through your own eyes.

En route to Kandy we will take you to visit the Matale Spice Garden where you will be able to get a free herbal massage. And if you are a cooking addict who loves to try out new recipes you will be able to learn about the Sri Lankan spices and even buy some of the spices.

Later on we will arrive at Kandy and the guide will help you to check in to your hotel. There you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the mountains around you. Later at night we have planned a romantic candle light dinner accompanied by a bottle of wine to brighten up the mood.

After having breakfast on the next day morning we will take you to visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic where the Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is preserved. This is a temple that is worshiped by the Buddhists of the island and the Buddhists all around the world. Afterwards we will take you two on a tour around the city on a jeep and also take you out to visit a Batik factory where you can buy your lady gorgeous handmade Batik clothing.

On the night of the fifth day you will be able to witness a traditional Kandyan Dance at the hotel before ending a perfect day with a romantic dinner by the mountains.

Day Six and Seven – Nuwaraeliya

Nuwara Eliya

After breakfast we will head to Nuwaraeliya, which is a city that is situated in the hill country of Sri Lanka and is renowned as one of the favourite honeymoon destinations. Since this is situated amongst the hills the city has a colder and a milder weather throughout the year, hence the couples tend to choose this as a honeymoon destination where they can enjoy a relaxed vacation in each other’s company.

Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was known in the earlier days is famous for its Ceylon tea across the world. En route to Nuwaraeliya we will take you to visit one of the tea factories and estates, where you will get the opportunity to see how the freshly plucked tea leaves is converted to the refreshing Ceylonese Tea. You will also be able to sip a hot cup of tea before we proceed to the hotel in Nuwaraeliya.

After checking in to the hotel and relaxing for a while, the two of you can take a walk in the Nuwaraeliya town where you will be able to do some shopping or just embrace the spring like weather, and enjoy the architecture of the buildings which will remind you of the British colonial settings.

On the next day we have planned to take the two of you out on a city tour where you will be able to visit the famous waterfalls and scenic mountain ranges allowing you to take pictures of the wonderful destinations, so that you can cherish the memory of your honeymoon forever. In the afternoon you will be taken to the Gregory’s Lake to have a romantic boat ride together in the beautiful weather.

You will end the seventh day of the tour relaxing at the hotel after a romantic dinner in the open gardens with the love of your life.

Day Eight and Nine – Yaala


En route to Yaala we have planned to take you to the Ella, yet another favourite honeymoon destination of the newlyweds. The Ella rock and the Ravana Ella attracts many of the tourists passing through the Ella town. Moreover we will take you to visit the famous Nine Arch Bridge where you will find an old villager explaining to you about the architecture and the history of constructing this wonderful piece of art and architecture.

In the evening we will check you in to the hotel in Yaala which is situated amidst the jungle. Here we have planned a bonfire in the wild where the two of you can enjoy a delicious meal by the fire and maybe dance around to the music playing behind you.

On the next day you will be taken out on a wildlife jeep safari in to the Yaala National Park, where you will be able to witness endemic and No-endemic animals just like the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, the mighty Sri Lankan elephant, bears, peacocks, deer and also not to mention the bio diversity of the trees, plants and flowers there.

Later in the evening we will head to Galle, our next destination. Here you will be able to end your day while witnessing the sunset and enjoying a candle lit dinner by the beach.

Day Ten – Galle



Galle is a city that is situated in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka and is blessed with a beautiful coastal line which is quite famous among the travelers around the world. Galle renowned for the Fort which was in the earlier days used to protect the country from the various invasions, but as for today the Galle Fort is a shopping hub. You will be able to do a little shopping and buy souvenirs to take back home to cherish the memories of your honeymoon.

Afterwards you two may relax and have an isolated time at the beach talking and enjoying each other’s presence, or else you may have a dip in the ocean and have a swim before you head back to the hotel where you will be able to get a couple massage at the spa.

This will be the last night of your honeymoon, therefore we have planned to give you a romantic sea view dinner as the sun sets in the horizon.

Day Eleven – Colombo

On the last day of the tour we will come back to Colombo and guide you to the Bandaranayke International Airport and bid you farewell, hoping and wishing that you will visit this beautiful country again.

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