Sri Lanka Itinerary 4 days

Sri Lanka Itinerary 4 days

Looking for Sri Lanka Itinerary 4 days? When in Sri Lanka all you can do is walking in the sandy beaches in between your toes or a fresh sea breeze on your face. If you are specially looking for a serene and soothing the best tourist destination is Sri Lanka without a doubt. On a special note if you want to conquer peaks and tackle trails, it shows that you are definitely a getaway kind of person.

If you need to escape from the humdrum of mundane life, all you can do is relaxing your body and calming your soul in the conducive atmosphere.We have organized 4 days tour package which will allow you the chance to have a sneak peak and take a trip on Madu Ganga lake to see some brilliant wildlife in Sri Lanka.

Activities Covered

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in 4 Days

Day 1 – Kandy

Sri Lanka 4 days itinerary starts in Kandy can be identified as a part of every Sri Lanka travel itinerary. It is mainly because is mostly the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the Peradeniya botanical garden. Kandy lake is located in the middle of Kandy city and Kandy lake can be recognized as a home to many trees and a plenty of bird species. Touring Kandy in the month of July and August will offer the tourists with the yearly Esala Perehara which is known as the outstanding Buddhist festival apprehended in Sri Lanka and one of the most attractive pageants in the world.

The Kandyan kingdom itself is indomitable; Seegiriya can be portayed as one of the seventh miracles of the world. Sigiriya offers a gallery of 5th – century canvases accomplished with landscaped gardens unrivalled and incomparable by any present-day citadel in the world. The Royal court in Kandy can be identified as yet another architectural seizure.It is noteworthy fact that the temple of tooth contributes maximum attraction to the holiday makers.

The temple of Tooth contributes maximum attraction to the tourists. Even though, the original palace walls have been burnt and rebuilt, the interiors remain the same.

Day 2 – Bentota (Must see place in 4 days in Sri Lanka)


Without visiting a beach your 4 days trip to Sri Lanka is not complete, Situated in the south coast of Sri Lanka Benthota is one of the amazing cities.When in Bentota, you definitely pay a visit to Madu river as well.

Slumbering by the ocean will be one of the best night’s respites you wilI’ ever experience when in Sri Lanka. The deafening of the waves will sooth your mind so deeply for sure, and you will wake up to the call of seagulls. Let all your worries wash away with the blessings of the nature.

You will be getting a chance to have a fish pedicure aka fish therapy. Lots of tiny fish will nib at the dead skin of your feet which is a really good healthy.

Day 3 – Colombo


Your 4 days in Sri Lanka ends in Colombo, As Sri Lanka’s most populated city, Colombo has a name for being crowded. In addition to being a prevalent tourist destination, Colombo can be brought out as a financial center and is home to the busiest shopping malls as well. A comparatively novel addition to Colombo’s skyline, the Nelum Kuluna can be taken out as one of the tallest skyscraper in Sri Lanka.

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