How To Book Sri Lanka Honeymoon Package from Bangalore

Looking for Sri Lanka honeymoon package from Bangalore? This is a special honeymoon package for the newlyweds coming down from our neighbouring Bangalore. If you are from Bangalore and wondering where you would want to spend your honeymoon, Sri Lanka is the best choice you have given the close proximity and the great environment to spend your honeymoon in.

Visiting Sri Lanka would give you the experience as if you visited several countries with different things to sight see and different climates to enjoy and totally different adventures to experience and above different memorable destinations to visit while you are in your first get away as husband and wife.

Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination among travellers all around the world, moreover it is also considered as a celebrated honeymoon destination for the couples looking for a great place to spend their first holiday after their wedding.

Why Sri Lanka

The list as to why you should visit Sri Lanka while you are in your honeymoon is not exhaustive, however we shall list a few reasons below;

  • Sri Lanka is just a one and a half hours flight away from Bangalore and you will be able to reach here in no time.

  • This is a tropical island, hence we have a relatively warm and a sunny climate through o the year (despite of the occasional rains), and thus we can guarantee you a cosy honeymoon.

  • Sri Lanka has so many great places to visit, where we can ensure that you have a memorable honeymoon.

  • The island is blessed with a diverse range of places of sightseeing that will give you the experience of visiting several countries.

  • The beach is a must place to visit while you are in your honeymoon and Sri Lanka being an island is blessed with the gorgeous coastal line all around the country.

The six day tour package

Planning a wedding is hectic, stressful and it will make you so busy that you will forget to plan up your honeymoon. That is why we at Olanka has taken that extra step forward to take up that burden from you and offer you custom made honeymoon packages.

We at Olanka will take up responsibility of planning your honeymoon from booking hotels to arranging transportation. All you have to do is visit and make your booking.

A guide from Olanka will welcome you at the airport and be with you throughout the stay being your guide, chauffer, friend and the translator. The guide will make sure that you have a stress free honeymoon as he will look in to all of your needs.

The honeymoon is a vacation that the newlyweds take to both enjoy and relax after the wedding, so it must be balanced between being adventures and relaxing. So we have included the following cities to make sure that you have a memorable first vacation as husband and wife.

Day One – Colombo


honeymoon packages from Bangalore to Sri Lanka starts from Colombo, Colombo is considered as a city that never goes to sleep and is the capital city for the commercial activities. Even though Sri Lanka is renowned as a tropical island the sky scrapers, shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, night clubs, the high end hotels and the boutique hotels will change your mind set as to the tropical nature of the island.

While you are in Colombo you could relax with your partner before embarking upon adventures of your honeymoon in the next five days. Colombo has so many great places to indulge in mouth-watering food be it traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, any other foreign cuisines, or merely street food to munch as the two of you take a stroll down the streets.

Apart from the great food Colombo is also famous for shopping and sightseeing. So the guide will be more than happy to show the honeymooners around the city upon their request.

Day Two – Dambulla


Honeymoon is not just for cuddling up and spending your time in a lying in a hotel. So we have included Dambulla as your next step where we will take you to visit a rock fortress, the Sigiriya.

Sigiriya is a fortress that was built by a king that ruled the island in the olden days. This is a famous tourist attraction as it includes a hike to the top of the rock. Apart from the climbing you will also be able to witness the frescos, mirror wall and the amazingly built gardens on the top of the rock.

Later on in the evening we will give you the opportunity to take a stroll on the streets of Dambulla village where you can enjoy a traditional village meal.

Day Three – Trincomalee

Trincomalee is a city that is situated in the North Eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The main reason why we have included Trincomalee to this special honeymoon package from Bangalore is the Hindu population of Trincomalee. Here the majority of the population are Hindus and thus you will be able to witness and experience Hindu culture and tradition that is being practised in Sri Lanka.

We will take you to visit a Hindu temple, the Koneswaran temple that is being worshiped by the Hindus in Sri Lanka, where the two of you can obtain blessings as you flip a new chapter in your life.

Afterwards we will let you visit the famous glorious beach of Trincomalee where you will be able to enjoy the sun, the gorgeous white sands and the splashing blue waves.

Day Four – Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka is an island that is blessed with a gorgeous coastal line around itself so we have included a second beach destination to this honeymoon tour. Since this is a city that is situated in the eastern coast of the country you will be able to witness the beautiful sight of the sun rising from the eastern coast.

We will let you to spend the entire day on the beach doing whatever you prefer, be it sunbathing to get the perfect tan or enjoying a dip in the ocean or engage in a water sport like diving or snorkelling. And to end a perfect day at the beach we have organized a dinner by the waters with your favourite wine shared between the two of you.

Day Five – Nuwaraeliya

Nuwara Eliya

The next day we will take you to another romantic destination of the country, Nuwaraeliya which is situated in close proximity to Kandy. This is a city that is considered as the “little England” given its cold climate and the British like architecture that is commonly visible amongst the hotels and houses.

There are so many great romantic places that you could visit while you are in Nuwaraeliya, such as the Gregory’s lake where you can take a walk around the lake and if you are feeling a little adventurous take a boat ride in the freezing cold weather. You can also visit a strawberry field and visit a flower garden where you can surprise your lady with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Later in the night we have arranged a candle light dinner by a bonfire lit just for the two of you.

Day Six – Kandy


Kandy is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka so we have included it in the package to let you have a look in to its magnificent cultural background it has apart from being a famous holiday destination.

The visitors visiting this sacred city don’t forget to visit the Temple of the tooth relic, which is considered as the highest place of worship of the Buddhists living in the country. So we will take you there to get blessings as you start a new life.

This is a city that is situated amongst the hills and has closer connections with the nature, so it has a milder climate than the rest of the cities and therefore is a perfect honeymoon destination.

The two of you can relax in the hotel enjoying the great views and take a walk around the Kandy Lake enjoying the company of each other. We have also arranged to take you to watch a traditional dance at your hotel, so you can end another perfect day like that.

With that the six day honeymoon package will end, and our guide will drop you back at the airport wishing the two of you all the very best with the new life ahead.

To get Sri Lanka honeymoon packages from Bangalore contact Olanka Travels.

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