How To Book a Special Honeymoon Package in Sri Lanka

Looking for Special Honeymoon Package in Sri Lanka? We at Olanka Travels know by experience that planning a wedding is no easy task. So we have been thoughtful to plan out your honeymoon and take off that burden off your shoulders and let you enjoy your vacation after the hectic days of planning and emotional rollercoasters after your big day.

The honeymoon is the first getaway as husband and wife or as the newlyweds, thus we will make sure you will have a memorable and a cosy time together in your first romantic escape after the wedding.

Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination, above all a romantic destination for the love birds from all around the world. Whether you are a resident of this beautiful country or a foreigner who is in love with this small tropical island, we will help you to book a special honeymoon package to spend an exotic time together as the newlyweds.

All you have to do is visit our website at and browse through the honeymoon packages we offer that are tailor made just for the honeymooners, and select a package and let us know, we will do the needful to let you enjoy a memorable stay.

This article will focus on a seven day honeymoon package.

Day one – Kandy (Must in Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages)


Kandy is considered as one of the favourite places to visit in this beautiful island, so why not visit it while in your honeymoon. This is a city that is situated in the central province in Sri Lanka and is a city that is surrounded by a mighty mountain range. Kandy has the perfect weather for a honeymoon, the beautiful nature, the rich culture and the renowned hotels with exotic food will add up to a perfect vacation.

The two of you can walk in the streets of Kandy grasping the rich culture and collecting memories at gift shops and snapping pictures together to mark your honeymoon. You may also visit the sacred temple of the tooth relic to get blessings as you flip a new chapter of your life.

Day two – Nuwaraeliya

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwaraeliya is known as the little England given its cold weather and the British Architectural style that can still be seen in the city hotels and old houses. The beautiful flower gardens, boat rides in the Gregory’s lake, magnificient hotels with great bedding and the mouth-watering food they offer make this city competent to be one of the honeymoon destinations of the island.

We will organize a romantic boat ride in the famous Gregory’s Lake where you can cuddle up and enjoy the beautiful views. Moreover you can also visit the flower gardens that will be filled up with her favourite flowers and visit a strawberry farm where you will be able to enjoy freshly picked strawberries straight from the farm. Later at night we will let you enjoy a rich meal near a bonfire with your favourite wine shared between the two of you.

Day three – Ella

This is also another famous destination of the love birds. This small town is situated in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka and in the recent past it is considered as one of the most famous places of visit. The hotels in the hilltop with great views, the nine arch bridge, the Ravana falls and the Ella rock will spice up your honeymoon with a little adventure.

The two of you can take a walk along the famous nine arch bridge which was built years ago which holds so much greatness in respect of the architectural value apart from the beautiful view you will be able to witness as a train passes by. The hike of the Ella rock will give the two of you a separate kind of adventure filled with excitement and the lone time will let you two enjoy each other’s company.

Day four – Anuradhapura


This is an historic city and is one of the best places to visit to learn about the great history of the island. Sri Lanka is not just a beautiful island to visit, but also a country with a great historical background and a rich culture, so why not get a glimpse in to its past while you are in this beautiful country.

Here the two of you can walk through the ruins of once beautifully stood castles, temples so many other important places. Visiting Anuradhapura will make your honeymoon a special one given the knowledge you will be able to gain while witnessing the beautiful marvels of the olden times.

Day five – Bentota


Sri Lanka is an island situated in the Indian Ocean, therefore it is surrounded by the sparkling blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. The ocean and the beach goes hand in hand with couples, love and honeymooners, thus we have included this beach destination to make your honeymoon a complete and a perfect one.

Bentota is a resort town that is situated in the south-western coast of the island and is famously known as the paradise island. You can take her hand and walk on the stretching white coast while enjoying a quiet time and later in the afternoon lay in the sand for the perfect tan and enjoy a nice dip in the cold blue ocean. Moreover if the two of you are a up for some adventure and sport we can arrange a water sport like snorkelling and/or diving. We will arrange a dinner by the beach to end a perfect day at the beach witness the sun set in the western horizon.

Day six – Colombo

Sri Lanka

Colombo the commercial capital of Sri Lanka is a city that never sleeps, and there are so many great things you could engage in while you are here. The most important thing you could do is shop, you name what you need and our guide from Olanka will find a place to buy them at a fairly reasonable price.

Colombo has great places to eat, be it a coffee date, a lunch date or a dinner date or simply a craving to nibble at some street food. Our guide will assist you to pick a place where the two of you can enjoy a meal of your choice, be it Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Mexican or you name it we have it here. Apart from the shopping and the great food the other great thing about Colombo its night life, where you can enjoy some good music and great dancing.

Day seven – Negombo

On the last day of the vacation we have planned to take you to Negombo. This is a city that is situated in the west coast of Sri Lanka closer to the Bandaranayke International Airport.

Before we bid you farewell from a memorable vacation we have planned to take you to a beach destination where the two of you can relax and enjoy a favourite sea food meal.

As we bid you farewell we wish you all the very best upon starting a new life together.

For more inquires about honeymoon package in Sri Lanka contact Olanka Travels.

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