How to Spend 7 Days in Sri Lanka

How to Spend 7 Days in Sri Lanka

Looking how to spend 7 days in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka, a small island situated in the Indian Ocean is a centre of tourist attraction. This gorgeous small island is blessed with so many resources that attract the tourist without a hustle.

The major tourist attraction is the gorgeous blue beach that surrounds the island, therefore it is a must to visit at least one of these beaches once you are in Sri Lanka.

Another reason why the tourists visit this island is its wildlife. The country is blessed with a rich wildlife where the Sri Lankan elephant plays a major role. Apart from the elephants you can also witness the leopard, cheetahs, lions, wild boar, crocodiles and even different species of birds and reptiles.

Other than the beach and the wildlife, Sri Lanka is also blessed with a great history that runs back to hundreds of years, and there is a rich culture and a heritage blended with this history. Moreover the art and architecture that differs from one city to another is also a reason to visit this island.

This article will educate you as to how you can spend a week in this magical island. A week is seven days and you can select how you should be spending your seven days in Sri Lanka, so I will list down below the most attractive and most visited places so that you can choose how you will be spending your seven days.

After selecting the places you want to visit, all you will have to do is contact Olanka Travels and inform us, we will do the needful to tailor the tour you want.



This is one of the “must visit” places in Sri Lanka. Kandy is known as the cultural capital of the island, hence visiting this city will give you an insight as to the culture and also the religion of Sri Lanka.

Kandy is situated in the central province of the country and apart from the cultural importance it is situated in a beautiful scenic atmosphere. The best mode to get to Kandy is to get a train from Colombo, and as you close to Kandy the surrounding will change from the busy cities with towering buildings to tea estates, valleys, scenic waterfalls and much more.

This ancient city of the royals is now renowned as a world heritage site given the presence of the Temple of the Tooth Relic, where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is preserved. The best times to visit Kandy is during July and August given the Esala Perehara of the Temple of the Tooth Relic. This is known to be the grandest and the most sacred pageant of the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and also one of the most beautiful pageants of the world.



This too is another famous tourist destination, and if you are visiting Kandy it is only a matter of two hours’ drive. This is a place where the locals visit to have a quality time relaxing and enjoying the great weather. Despite the warmer climate of Sri Lanka, Nuwaraeliya is blessed with a colder climate with chilly winds and cold mist. This city is referred to as the “Little England” by the locals given this cold climate.

Here you can enjoy lazy walks and go on a little hike to the Horton Plains. Moreover, you can also pay a visit to the botanical gardens, the Gregory Lake, tea factories, strawberry fields and even visit a beautiful tea estates to see the origin of the famous Ceylon tea. The beautiful waterfalls are also another reason why you should visit Nuwaraeliya while you are in Sri Lanka.



This is the centre of commercial activities, transportation, economics, politics and so many other arenas, and thus there are so many things that you can do and see if you visit Colombo.

You can pay a visit to the National Museum if you are a person seeking History, as there will be a variety of historical artefacts to feed your hungry soul. This city is a very busy city, in the day the streets are busy with people hustling around with their work and at night the city turns into a different paradise.

Colombo is also famous for shopping. It has luxurious shops with all the leading brands, jewellery shops, souvenir shops and much more. We can also take you to Pettah, the famous shopping centre of Sri Lanka. Pettah has streets and streets with filled anything and everything you would want.

Colombo is a great place to visit if you are a foodie. It has restaurants, hotels, boutiques, cafes and all sorts of food stalls selling a wide variety of foods ranging from foreign cuisines such as Japanese foods to street food.



These are the cities that you should visit if you are interested in learning about the historical and religious aspects of Sri Lanka. These two cities are situated in close proximity to each other, therefore you can visit both the cities for a better coverage.

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were two kingdoms from the ancient times, and if you visit them you’d still be able to witness the remains of the royal palaces, the magnificent gardens with water fountains and ponds and much more. You can also visit manmade tanks such as the Parakrama Samudraya, Tissa Wewa and Basawakkulama tank.

Apart from the historical importance there are also sacred Buddhist Temples that you can visit to get an insight as to the lifestyles as well as to the practices of the Buddhist devotees.



Dambulla is also another famous tourist destination, and this was also one of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka.

The major attraction of Dambulla is the Sigiriya, a palace that was built on top of a massive rock. This is a must visit place, the architectural knowledge that has been used to build this rock fortress is still a question for the modern day architects as there are water fountains still to be seen on top of this rock and how they designed it is still a question. Apart from the miraculous gardens, you can also enjoy a great hike as you climb up and also you can witness the Sigiriya Frescos and the famous mirror wall.

Not only is Dambulla famous for Sigiriya but also for the Dambulla Cave Temple and Pidurangala Rock. The ancient temple is also renowned as a world heritage site and it is spread across a wide range of caves so it will give you a totally different experience from visiting other temples in Sri Lanka. The Pidurangala is a newly found tourist destination and it will add a little adventure for your tour as the hike will leave you a little out of breath. Even though the climb is hectic the view will be worth it.

The Beach

The holiday would be incomplete if you don’t pay a visit to the beach. Sri Lanka being an island is blessed with a beach all around it so it is a must for you to choose at least one beach destination for your tour. There are so many things that you can do while you are in the beach; you can go for a swim in the dashing waves, take walks on the white sands, take a sun bath till you get the perfect tan, go engage in water sports such as snorkelling, diving, whale watching and so much more.

For your convenience I will list down the major tourist attractions of Sri Lanka,

The East Coast

The West Coast

  • Alankuda beach

  • Negombo

  • Colombo

  • Bentota

The South Coast

  • Hikkaduwa

  • Unawatuna

  • Mirissa

  • Tangalle


Sri Lanka has a rich wildlife. Once you are here you can set your eyes on a wide variety of wild animals including the Sri Lankan Elephant. It is a well-known fact that the leopard population of Sri Lanka is dense, so if you are lucky you will be able to spot a leopard crossing your path as you take a ride of a safari jeep. Other wild animals that you will be able to witness in Sri Lanka are; sloth bear, whale, birds, reptiles and so many other different animals and insects.

We have listed down below places that you can visit to enjoy the wildlife of Sri Lanka.

• Yaala

• Udawalawe

• Wilpattu

• Horton Plains

• Minneriya

• Wasgamuwa

• Sinharaja

• Kumana

• Mirisa and Trincomalee (Whale Watching)

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