How to Spend 4 Days in Sri Lanka

How to Spend 4 Days in Sri Lanka

Are you planning your vacation to Sri Lanka with only 4 days to explore as much of the island as possible and wondering how to spend 4 days in Sri Lanka? If you don’t want to miss out on the good parts and the fun experiences that make this island unique and stunning, Olanka Travels will help you plan the perfect 4 day tour itinerary in Sri Lanka. Here’s some of the places and experiences you can’t miss out on.

Visit Kandy

Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kandy is the most sacred city in Sri Lanka; owing to the fact that the temple here holds a sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. Ages ago, a princess was believed to have taken a tooth from the Buddha after his death and hid it in her hair before bringing it to Sri Lanka. The sacred tooth relic is safely protected in a gold cask at the heart of Sri Dalada Maligawa. Each year during the annual Kandy Esala Perahera, the tooth is paraded around the streets of Kandy in one of the grandest, religious processions on the island, attracting tourists from around the world to witness the spectacle. The temple is located right next to the royal palace; the last residential complex of the last kingdom of Sri Lanka before the nation fell under the colonial rule of the British.

Right above the palace grounds, and on the far left of the temple, you’ll find a protected forest sanctuary known as Udawatte Kele. This large area of forest land takes you away from the noise of the city and offers you a tranquil getaway while you’re in the centre of the city! It was also said to be the private gardens of the royal family back when kings and queens ruled the island. On the far right side of the temple, a manmade lake, commonly referred to as the Kandy Lake reflects mountain silhouettes and runs alongside the temple. This was built by the last king of Sri Lanka to be used purely by the royal family members. Kandy is the last capital of ancient Sri Lanka and is one of the best places to explore to get an understanding of local culture, history and religion.

Explore Colombo

The commercial capital of the Sri Lanka, Colombo is a hub of activity and chatter. The ideal place to head to and start your adventures from, Colombo is the centre of tourism and the hub for main transport systems; whether rail, road or air. From endless shopping options to high rise hotels with rooftop bars and swanky restaurants, there are a variety of things for you to do. Stroll through the ancient halls of the Colombo National Museum during the day which will give you a quick insight into the country’s past. Visit the Gangaramaya Temple and museum; a treasure trove of gifts from other Asian countries. By dusk, head to one of the most popular spots in Colombo’s nightlife; choose from bars, clubs, restaurants, or even casinos to spend your night.

Climb Sigiriya

A stunning rock towering out of a thick, lush forest, is Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Built by the patricidial King Kashyapa after he murdered his father to seize control of the kingdom away from his step brother; the true heir to the throne. When he fled he sought to make this rock, his kingdom, and eventually built one of the most advanced engineering systems in the ancient world; complete with water gardens and a palace in the sky that would have baffled anyone with its sheer magnificence. Although there are only ruins of what this kingdom had left behind, you can get an idea of what it looked like by visiting the Sigiriya museum..Once you begin your ascent to the summit, you’ll have to climb through 1,200 steps to reach the top. Once you do, the view of the surroundings will leave you speechless. En route to the peak, you’ll find the famous Mirror Wall; once believed to have been shiny and reflective that it was used as a mirror by the king’s court and the paintings inside the cave wall believed to be apsaras are some of the well-preserved paintings in the world.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Safaris

The island is teeming with wildlife and is one of the best things to do when you’re here! Head to one of 26 national parks in Sri Lanka, whether Yala National Park, Minneriya National Park, Udawalawe National Park, to name a few. Once on a wildlife safari, you’ll be able to spot the island’s most treasured creatures from leopards and elephants to sloth bears and monkeys and crocodiles and peacocks and a whole lot more. For those who want to explore the seas, whale and dolphin watching are a common experience here, either from Mirissa or Trincomalee. The refreshing waters of the island attract a variety of whale species including the Blue whale, Bryde whale, Sperm whale and Spinner dolphins.

So now you know how to spend 4 days in Sri Lanka, contact Olanka Travels to arrange 4 days tour in Sri Lanka.

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