How to Spend 10 Days in Sri Lanka

How to Spend 10 Days in Sri Lanka

Wondering how to spend 10 days in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka, which is also known as the wonder of Asia is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean. This is renowned as one of the best holiday and tour destination and people visit this beautiful island to have a quality vacation.

Even though Sri Lanka is a small island nation, we are blessed with so many great resources and great itineraries which will leave you mesmerized. Despite the beauty of this island, Sri Lanka also claims ownership to a rich culture, an enormous history. So a visit to this wonderful island will leave you mesmerized with its beauty, culture and so many other things including the knowledge that you can gather while you are here.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka during your next vacation and if you are searching for places that you can visit while you are here or wondering the best times of the year that Sri Lanka is at its best for tourism, this article will educate you as to all such needs of yours.

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Sri Lanka being situated near the equator does not have the seasonal changes as the European Countries, so the climate is moderate throughout the year despite the occasional showers.

There are so many things that you could do while you are in Sri Lanka and there are so many places that you could visit while you are here, so for your knowledge and your convenience we will list down the best things to do while you are here and the places that you can visit and also the best times of the year that you can visit this island.

The Beach

The beach, one the main reasons why the tourist visit this place. Sri Lanka being an island is surrounded by the gorgeous blue Indian Ocean all around it self therefore it’s a must to visit at least one of the wonderful beaches while you are here.

The East Coast – the best time period to visit is during the months of April to September. And the following will be the best beaches in the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka that you can visit.

The West Coast – December to April and the month of August are the best times to visit the following beaches of the western coast of the island.

The South Coast – there are so many wonderful getaways hidden in the southern coast and the best times to visit them would be from December to May.

  • Hikkaduwa

  • Unawatuna

  • Mirissa

  • Tangalle


The history of Sri Lanka runs back to centuries and it is a must to look into this rich history while you are in this island. Sri Lanka or as it was known in the olden days, Thambapanni or Ceylon was once ruled by several monarchs from different parts of the island.

The ruins of the once beautifully stood palaces are now major tourist destinations. Following are the cities that you can visit to enjoy and educate yourself as to the history of Ceylon. We will list down a few sites that you can view if you visit the following cities.

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa – these two cities are situated in close proximity and are considered as the major historical sites of Sri Lanka. The most visited itineraries would be the Sri Maha Bodhiya and the Ruwanweliseya in Anuradhapura apart from those you can also visit the ruins of the olden palaces, temples, ponds and gardens. Among so many other great sites you can visit the Gal viharaya, and the breathtakingly huge Parakrama Samudraya while you are in Polonnaruwa.

Dambulla – this is also another wonderful city that you can visit to learn about the history of this country. The major attractions are; Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temple and the Pidurangala rock. Sigiriya is a rock fortress built by a king and it is considered as the 8th wonder of the world so it is a must to visit if you are planning to come down to Sri Lanka. The cave temple is a rare temple that is built in the midst of a cave and the statues inside are painted in gold giving it a unique appearance. The Pidurangala is a newly found tourist attraction where you can visit if you are up to some adventure and excitement as the climb is a little tough but the view as you reach the top will leave you mesmerized.

Central Hills


Sri Lanka, being situated near the equator has a humid and a sunny weather in most days of the year despite the occasional monsoonal rains. However, this weather changes as you go towards the centre of the island, and it’s only a few hours’ drive into the country. The central province is mostly famous for two cities, you can visit them to enjoy the change of climate and to experience a different culture and exposer in Sri Lanka.

Kandy – this is renowned as being the cultural capital of this beautiful island. The main tourist attraction of Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which is considered as the highest worship place of the Sri Lankan Buddhists. Apart from its religious importance, Kandy is famous for being a city of scenery.

Nuwaraeliya – this city is also known as the “Little England” given the cold weather and the buildings that were built when Ceylon was a colony of the British. There you can visit beautiful flower gardens and Lakes such as the Gregory’s Lake and strawberry fields. This is the best city of the island to spend a quality relaxing time enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Ceylonese tea.

Shopping and Night life


The best place to buy goodies and to enjoy some music and good food is Colombo. Colombo is the Commercial capital of Sri Lanka and it is the busiest city of the island, in fact this city never sleeps.

Shopping – there is a place in the heart of Colombo that is ideal for any sort of shopping. Pettah, has so many streets filled with anything and everything, you name what you want to buy we will take find you a place to buy them at a very reasonable price. Apart from Pettah there are also other shops that sells goods such as clothing, gift items and souvenirs to take back home to mark a wonderful holiday.

Night Life – this is the ideal city to spend some quality night time. Colombo has night clubs with music, dancing and all your favourite drinks. Apart from the night life, Colombo also have cosy little cafes and restaurants that serve all sorts of meals, coffee and other beverages.


What don’t we have? Sri Lanka is also famous for the beautiful nature and the great Sri Lanka wildlife. There are so many places that you can visit to experience the wild animals in their natural habitats. Sri Lankan wildlife includes the gorgeous Sri Lankan elephant, leopard, sloth bear, whale, birds and so many other different animals and insects. Following are the mostly visited wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka.

  • Yaala

  • Udawalawe

  • Wilpattu

  • Horton Plains

  • Minneriya

  • Wasgamuwa

  • Sinharaja

  • Kumana

  • Mirisa and Trincomalee (Whale Watching)

So here are a few ideas for you on How to spend (10) ten days in this beautiful island, Sri Lanka. all you have to do is get an idea as to what you want to see and what you want to be doing during your holidays by reading these guidelines and contact us to let us know your needs, we will look in to the rest.

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