How is Sri Lanka for Honeymoon

How is Sri Lanka for HoneymoonHoneymoon is the first getaway as Husband and Wife, why not make it extra romantic?

We at Sri Lanka offer its tourists and especially the newlyweds a memorable and an unforgettable a stay. The island is the perfect destination for your honeymoon, keep reading and you will see why!

Sri Lanka is famous as one of the most romantic destinations amongst the couples searching for places to spend their special holiday, given its geographical location, the gorgeous beaches, the diverse climates, the exotic wildlife and many more. Hence this is a perfect country for your special romantic getaway, where you can enjoy each other’s company and love accompanied by breathtaking views and adventure.

How is Sri Lanka for Honeymoon?” Every couple who spent their wedding vacation in Ceylon will answer this question with enthusiasm and will tell you how they’d want to re-spend their honeymoon down in the coast or up in the hills of this beautiful island.

Ceylon is blessed with so many beautiful destinations that is ideal for the honeymooners. So here are some food for thought for you lovebirds to plan your special holiday.

Walk on the Beach!

Sri Lanka HoneymoonThere has always been a special bond with the romantic dreamers and the beach, thus most couples chose a place in the coastal side to snuggle up in their honeymoon.

So beach lovers, Sri Lanka is the perfect honeymoon destination for you, because being an island we own a beautiful line of coast that will make your honeymoon extra passionate, romantic and special.

Our beaches are perfect both for the lazy honeymooners who would prefer to gaze at the horizon and dream or on the other hand, for the more adventurous honeymooners.

The lazy honeymooners can cuddle up and enjoy the beauty of the sunsets, the sunrises and gaze at the far horizon or stare at the stars or take an idle walk on the beach, or just idle around for the perfect tan while embracing their new life and enjoying their love. Whereas the adventure lovers could spice up their honeymoon by engaging so many activities like windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing and scuba diving.

Up in the Hills!

Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Apart from the beach, the most famous destination for the newlyweds is the hill country. The couples can find themselves lost among the hills and enjoying their warmth in the cold climates of the hills, take walks among the hills and sightseeing. Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are the two favorite destinations amongst the tourists who visit the hill country, so don’t forget to visit the hills while in Sri Lanka on your honeymoon.

You could visit the botanical gardens and surprise your lady with a fresh bouquet of flowers and get into a tea shop to sip in a freshly brewed special Ceylon tea. The newlyweds may also share a romantic hike together in the Horton plains enjoying the warmth of each other on a breezy morning. Moreover the couples may also visit the temple of the tooth relic in Kandy which is renowned as the most prestigious place of worship of the Buddhists and pray for blessings for a beautiful and a successful marriage.

Smile in the Wild!

Sri Lanka Honeymoon

Sri Lanka will not only offer the newlyweds the warmth of the beach and the cold breeze in the hills, it will also offer you the excitement and bliss.

The main reason why you are in your honeymoon is to have yourselves to yourselves away from the rest of the world, to enjoy some privacy, and the wild is the perfect place. Take her hand and walk in to the woods, pour your hearts out, get emotional and get to know each other more.

Sri Lanka is blessed with a beautiful wildlife with so many endangered, trees and animals. If the two of you are nature lovers book a cottage and visit places like Yaala, Willpattu, SInharaja or Minneriya to witness a diverse nature and enjoy the company and love of your better half in solitude.

To enjoy the life you have to go offline once in a while and hit off road, walk in to beautiful destinations, seek happiness in each other and exchange life and love, start this from the inception of your marriage in your honeymoon and continue throughout your marriage and you will never go wrong.

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