Beautiful journey in the land of love

Recently we have return from a trip of SriLanka. I would like to mention my sentiments about the trip. Specially about the people who made their best efforts to make our trip comfortable and delightful. Miss Isurika Sadhani de silva of Olanka Travel was the key person who made all the arrangements. Every thing was good Hotels, Vehicle, Driver, Destinations etc. Driver, Nishantha, was very helpful throughout the trip. I would say that Miss Isurika is the person who made our trip (A Dream Trip). She was always in touch with us (even on her holidays) and doing her best efforts to make our tour comfortable and delightful. Special thanks to her. I also like to thank Miss Maheshi , The Office manager, who supported Miss Isurika in all her efforts. One liner statement; “BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY IN THE LAND OF LOVE

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