Sri Lankan Kottu: Complete Guide

Complete Guide On Sri Lankan Kottu

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the most cherishing travel destinations under the sun. No wonder why thousands of travel enthusiasts choose this magnificent pearl of Indian Ocean to experience the true allure of nature while boosting their ardo from core to fleche!

-Sri Lankan street food culture and its authentic vibe will never disappoint you!

Eye-catching and mouth-watering food enriched with luscious spices like Cinnamon, cardamom and dried up chilies make Sri Lanka, a unique food paradise and if you are a traveler and a memory collector, there are numerous must-try stuff to adore, as you go along. Kotthu, Hoppers, String hoppers, Halapa, Lawariya and the list goes on! These names might sound strange to you, but they will never make you disappointed just like the well-known honest-to-goodness smiles Sri Lankan people will shower you with, whenever they see you.

Sri Lankan street food culture and ‘Kotthu’ in Sri Lanka definitely walk side by side and your journey around the country wouldn’t be sewn up, without a plate or two of Kotthu-the blaster dish with flour crapes and additives of your choice!

Being a huge fan of ‘Kotthu’- no matter what the blend comes with or flavors added, I always choose to go for it, wherever I go, especially during these random street walks with friends, having chits and chats and refreshing lagged sessions of girl tidbits! In fact, stopping at one of those Kotthu places in Sri Lanka will never fail to re-energize you in the middle of boring ways of life at work or in the university. Honestly, my med school life wouldn’t have been so cherishing and elated, if not for the love for trying out different food and flavors, in which this crepe food of joy spiced up with authentic Sri Lankan spices tops the list.

Also known as Kotthu Roti, this dish is prepared with crapes or thin slices of ‘Godamba roti’ (something similar to pan cakes-but less creamy), vegetables, meat and eggs. The mix-up or additives can be personalized depending on your choice and this marks a definite plus point for vegetarians who do not want to miss the exotic taste of Sri Lankan street food values-with the limited range of tastes you are willing bust a gut!

Revamping is a trait hidden in the genes of Islanders!

Sri Lankans are extremely good at re-vamping things from vehicles to clothes to food-and that is what is so special about the mind-set of Islanders. No doubt, that Kottu in Sri Lanka faced a similar scenario with time, where it was modified with different flavors, shapes and styles. When walking along the Sri Lankan urban streets, with lamps lighted up and music echoing through, you will never fail to see side-spots with ‘Dolphin Kotthu’ and ‘String Hopper Kotthu too! An out-right win to give a shot but make sure to show that you are familiar with food prices as much as a native is, since some islanders can be extremely money-minded who would offer you the world’s best Kotthu portion for 1 Million Rupees and even more!

Best 5 Kotthu places in Sri Lanka

On a late night, hot kotthu at a perfect restaurant is an unmatchable dining experience in Sri Lanka. Kotthu is a delicious Sri Lankan dish made from ‘roti’ – a product of wheat flour chopped together with some vegetables, spices, eggs and/or meat or seafood. There are different varieties of kotthu: chicken kotthu, egg kotthu, masala kotthu, cheese kotthu, palandi kotthu, prawn kotthu, and many more. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can try vegetable kotthu. The traditional roti kotthu has taken several other new styles today and string hopper kotthu, dolphin kotthu, paan kotthu are definitely must-try mouthwatering dishes.

Kotthu is available in almost every restaurant, even at the roadside food corners. Roti chopping rhythmic sound makes you hungry whenever you walk by a restaurant. Here are the best 5 kotthu places in Sri Lanka, where you could find the yummiest spicy kotthu.

Hotel De Plaza

If you are hunting for late night good and safe street cuisine, Plaza is a good choice. Perhaps, it is a small food corner, has a limited seating space, always crowded, but it is really worth for its taste. You could take away kotthu, or instead have it in your car, or may be on late nights you can even have them on the road sides. Their all kotthu varieties are tasty, although palandi kotthu and cheese kotthu are special mention.

Address: 3 Galle Rd, Colombo 03

Average price pp.: Rs.350-450

Hotel De Pilawoos

Yet another restaurant that is famous for its varieties of spiced kotthu and unique sense of taste. Although the price is bit expensive compared with other street cuisines, the taste is worth the price you pay. There are number of outlets spread across the city, Kollupitiya, Bambalapitiya, Battaramulla, and all of them are busy every time. The one in front of Durdens Hospital probably is the most popular.

Average price pp.: Rs.400-500

Kaema Sutra

Have you heard of ‘no crab kotthu’? It is a good-tasting dish unique to Kaema Sutra made with scrambled egg instead of roti, with spices and a meat of your choice. If you are looking for a change in usual Kotthu recipe, this is a great alternative, though with lots of oil. The restaurant setting is luxurious, classy and cold; a definite new experience.

Address: Arcade Independence Square, No.30, Independence Square, Colombo 07

Average price pp.: Rs.850-1000


This restaurant with a great ambience for dining serves varieties of best class Kotthu. Their dishes are made with lot of spices mixed in, though not much peppery or oily. The roti used for Kotthu is very soft and even with a big plate of Kotthu, you are not heavy and you still have room for a dessert. Sen-saal has number of branches across the city.

Average price pp.: Rs.350-500


Nana’s – the open space dining at the Galle Face Green is very popular. It was a small food corner put up by a nana (literally known as a big brother) way back in 1987 and now there are actually three nanas. It is a perfect experience to dine kotthu while watching the opulent views at the Galle face.

Average price pp.: Rs.900-1500

So, why not choose Sri Lanka as your next travel-escape?

Let me tell you why!

Walking down the crowded streets filled-up with ‘city lights’ and ‘over-flowing joy’ while experiencing the most popular dish of ‘Kotthu’ in Sri Lanka- gifting your taste buds, an amazing strike of sizzling ‘Roti’ flavored with unique Ceylon spices, will definitely make you feel like heaven!

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