6 Nights 7 Days Sri Lanka Package

6 Nights 7 Days Sri Lanka Package

Looking for 6 nights 7 days Sri Lanka package? This is a tour package designed by Olanka Travels to cater a week of excitement, adventure and knowledge. We assure that you will gain experience of visiting five different countries. Sri Lanka is a beautiful small island situated in the Indian Ocean, and is blessed with natural resources, a rich culture, a great history and glorious beaches all around the country. The best thing about this island is that, it being small in its proximity, all these wonderful places could be visited in a few hours’ time; you can travel from a tropical beach to a wonderful flower garden with a cold weather just in about 4 hours. So the famous saying, “Wonder of Asia” is in fact a truth.

If you have seven days and six nights to spare, this will be your ideal vacation; a getaway to a faraway land with all the beautiful destinations. Olanka has tailor made this tour package to include the following five destinations;

There will be a guide helping you throughout your stay. The guide from Olanka will pick you up from the Bandaranayke International Airport in which you will be landing to Sri Lanka. He will assist you with transportation, making conversation with the locals and the local restaurants and help you with your every need.

The 6 nights 7 days Sri Lanka tour package will spread through the seven days as follows;

Day 1 & 2 – Kandy (Must in 6 Nights 7 Days Sri Lanka Package)


We will welcome you at the airport and escort you to our first destination, Kandy. Kandy is only a three hour drive from the airport, and you will reach there in no time. Your guide from Olanka will do the needful to check you in to the hotel, and after you have your power nap after the flight we will take you out to visit this wonderful city.

Kandy is considered as the cultural capital of the island given its historical importance. On the first day of the tour, we will take you out on a walk in the streets of Kandy. This is a city with a mild weather and you will be able to enjoy the walk around the famous Kandy Lake enjoying the breezy wind and absorbing the beauty around you.

At night there will be a special dance act for you accompanied by the traditional drummers. Afterwards you will be taken for dinner at a local restaurant where you will be able to enjoy delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.

On the Second Day of the tour we will take you to see a beautiful flower garden situated in Peradeniya which is only a few minutes’ drive from the city. There you will be able to witness the beauty of a variety of flowers and even endangered trees.

And on the way to Nuwaraeliya, our second destination of the tour, we will take you to visit the Ceylon Tea Museum. There you can witness pre historic exhibits of the pioneers of the Ceylonese Tea Sri James Taylor and Thomas Lipton. Moreover you can see the machinery used for brewing and also check out the tea museum. Last but not least visit the café situated on the fourth floor to treat yourself with a freshly brewed cup of Ceylonese tea and even purchase tea leaves to take back home.

Day 3 – Nuwaraeliya

nuwara eliya

Nuwaraeliya is situated in the Hills of Sri Lanka and the views are breath-taking. As you enter this city you will feel a sudden drop of the climate and the surroundings will change to green layered hills and snowy white mist. This city is also known as the “Little England” given this cold climate and the British Architecture that still prevails in the buildings and also amongst some houses of Nuwaraeliya.

One of the beautiful itineraries that we have included in this tour package is the Devon Falls which is 97 feet tall and is considered as the 19th tallest waterfall of the island. It is famously known that the best place to view this Natures Beauty is the Mlesna Tea Centre. You can sip a hot freshly brewed cup of Tea as you enjoy the surroundings of this marvellous waterfall.

Later on in the evening we will take you out on a walk to the Gregory’s Lake Park and its flower garden. Flowers starts blooming in the month of December and they remain beautifully bloomed till February. So if you are to visit Sri Lanka during this time period, you will be able to witness the gorgeous roses of different colours, orchids and many more. However you won’t be left disappointed if you are to visit during the off season, as the garden is an evergreen chilly and beautiful green park ideal for a relaxing walk and also you can enjoy a boat ride in the Lake.

Day 4 – Anuradhapura


On the next day of this tour package, members of Olanka has planned to take you to witness the great History and Culture of this small but yet magnificent island. Sri Lanka is an island that holds a history that runs centuries back and Anuradhapura is one of the destinations that best illustrates our rich history and culture. Moreover Anuradhapura is also renowned as a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

We will take you to visit the religious sites of Sri Maha Bodhi and the Ruwanwelisaya that has been well preserved and worshiped by the Buddhists of Sri Lanka throughout the History. Apart from the Buddhist temples there are also the remaining’s of the residuals of ancient palaces, brick ponds, committee meeting rooms used by the kings and so on. These historical sites are spread across over a large portion of land and it is best advised to hop on a bicycle or a famous Sri Lankan three-wheeler (Tuk Tuk) to explore this historical and cultural city of the island.

Day 5 & 6 – Dambulla


Dambulla is situated in close proximity to Anuradhapura and this is also a city that is considered as a historical city. Dambulla is famous as a tourist destination mainly because of the Sigiriya Rock fortress and the Dambulla cave temple.

After relaxing for a while upon your arrival at Dambulla and checking into the hotel we will take you to visit Sigiriya, the Rock Fortress. Sigiriya got its name given its outlook of a lion. “Sinha” in Sinhalese means the “lion” whereas “Giriya” means the “rock” and thus the rock in the shape of a lion was later on named as the “Sigiriya”. This was built by King Kashyapa after an estrangement with his own father and his brother, and the story of which shall be narrated to you by our tour guide while you are in Sigiriya.

Sigiriya is a world wonder as well as a world heritage site, and even though the climb will leave you out of breath the view you will encounter as you reach the top will be breath taking. This Rock Fortress is also considered as one of the best preserved illustrations of Historical Urban City Planning. You can see the water gardens and the remains of the then palace on the top and you will also be able to witness the Frescos and the mirror wall where the visitors have written poems and verses.

Later at night we will take you out on a night stroll and let you experience a typical Sri Lanka village meal with the garnished with the famous Sri Lankan spices.

Day Six of the tour too shall be spent in Dambulla and we will take you to visit the beautiful cave temple and also take you out on a hike to the Pidurangala rock.

Dambulla cave temple is the best preserved cave temple of Sri Lanka and the temple is spread across several caves bringing out its uniqueness. Another speciality in this cave temple is that the statues of it are painted in gold making it more unique.

Afterwards we will take you out on the hike to the Pidurangala rock, which has attracted so many tourists both locals and foreigners alike in the recent past. Though the climb will be a little hectic the view will be worth it. You will be able to witness the beautiful mountain ranges, the Dambulla town and even the famous Sigiriya.

Day 7 – Bentota


Last but not least in 6 nights 7 days Sri Lanka itinerary we will take you to the beach because it is a must to visit the beach when you take a tour to an island. Bentota is situated in the southern coast of the island.

Since this is the last day of your tour we have not planned anything special. But since we take you to the beach on your last day you are in Sri Lanka, anything that you could do is special. You can either take a swim in the waves or lay down for a sunbath. And if you are up for some list minute adventure and excitement we can arrange to engage in a water sport and other recreational activities.

After these few amazing days we will drop you at the Bandaranayke International Air Port with a hope to see you back soon in your next vacation.

So to arrange a Sri Lanka 6 nights 7 days package contact Olanka Travels.

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