3 Nights 4 Days Sri Lanka Package

3 Nights 4 Days Sri Lanka Package

Looking for 3 nights 4 days Sri Lanka package? The sunny tropical island for 4 days and wondering what exactly you can do and see to ensure you get the best of the nation? Here’s a quick guide on how you make the most of your holiday to Sri Lanka in 3 nights and 4 days.

1. Galle


History, beauty and modernity, all wrapped in one. The old town of Galle is a picturesque city trapped in a bubble of well-preserved ancient charms from the colonial era with a handful of chic modernisation. Stroll through the cobblestone ramparts of the Galle Fort and you’ll come across two striking monuments, both located on either end of the fort, that also simultaneously serve as great landmarks; the Galle Lighthouse and Galle Clock tower. The lighthouse is a sheer white structure, watching over the eager fishermen who set sail and make their way back home at dawn. It was built to ward fishermen and the colonial armies away from the nearby reefs. On the far end, you’ll find the Galle clocktower, built by a grateful patient in dedication to a doctor. Within the ramparts, you’ll find restaurants, retail outlets, museums and plenty of historic buildings that are great for exploring. A day in Galle will give you a number of things to do and see.

2. Kandy

For your second day on the island, head over to the mountains of Sri Lanka and enjoy the colder weather as you stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage Site; the sacred city of Kandy. The first thing to do, is admire the beauty and grandeur of the Sri Dalada Maligawa. Pristine white, decorated with a gold tip on the stupa, the temple is the holiest on the island as it is believed to hold a sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The tooth relic is now preserved in a golden casket, and is paraded on the streets of Sri Lanka once a year in a grand festival known as the Esala Kandy Perahera. Next, head to the secret royal gardens located above the Kandy temple and palace, known as Udawatte kele; a forest sanctuary that was once used by the royals. Those interested in the colours and scents of nature will find that a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya is the perfect option for a stroll in the evening.

3. Sigiriya & Dambulla ( Must in 3 Nights 4 Days Sri Lanka Package)


They always tell you to leave the best for the last, pack your bags and head over to the most beautiful part of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle, Sigiriya and Dambulla. Allow for two days to tour the most beautiful, historic towns. Sigiriya holds the ancient and most stunning structure; the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Built by a patricidal king who later fled his late father; the king’s kingdom to hide, assembled his own kingdom and fortress around Sigiriya Rock.

Sigiriya is one of the most amazing marvels in terms of irrigation and engineering. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a definite must-visit, once you reach the 1,200 steps to the peak, you’ll be blessed with stunning views of the surroundings. Dambulla, located less than 1 hour away from Sigiriya, is a cultural, religious hotspot that’s perfect for anyone looking to fully immerse in treasures of Buddhism. The Dambulla Cave Temple in particular, is quite popular, and is visited by locals and tourists from around the world.

The Dambulla Cave Temple has a number of ancient statues and artefacts stemming from different eras in the country’s long history. Be sure to look through each one to fully grasp the concepts and understandings of the religion. When visiting temples, always remember to be modestly dressed; i.e. shoulders and knees should be covered and your footwear must be removed prior to entering the premises of the temple. Avoid causing noise inside the temple and don’t take pictures with the statue, so as not to insult or disturb any worshippers.

4. Colombo


On your last day of 3 nights 4 days Sri Lanka itinerary, before making your way back to the airport, you can visit Colombo and get your souvenir shopping done for friends and family back home. Colombo, the commercial capital of the island is always bustling with activity and life. A stroll through one of the malls or the busiest local markets is sure to be the perfect way to end your holiday on the island. Spas, bars and entertainment facilities can be easily found within city limits and are usually buzzing with cheer and fun. Colombo is located less than 1 hour away from the airport, so make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the airport to avoid any delays.

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