How To Spend Your 2019 Eid Holidays In Sri Lanka

2018 Eid Holidays In Sri LankaComplete Guide On 2019 Eid Holiday Tour In Sri Lanka

Eid-al-Fitr is one of the main festivities of the Islam population all around the world, on this day they mark the ending of the break in their fast of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. On this year the Eid in Sri Lanka begins on Tuesday the 4th of June and ends on Wednesday the 5th of June.

Sri Lanka, being a multinational country is the home for quite a number of Islamic devotees (about 10% of the total population). They firstly arrived in Sri Lanka as Merchants who sold goods near the coast thus even today they can be seen domiciled in the coastal area. Hence festivals like Eid is highly celebrated in the country, moreover it has been declared as a national holiday as well.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka here are a few things that you could do and a few places you could visit during your stay.

Pray Together

Togetherness is what has been preached in every religion, so in Sri Lanka the Muslims get together on to a public place, like in the Galle Face Green and join to the main religious sermons. So while you are away from your country on a festive like this you could join one of the communal prayers in one of the local mosques or in a public place, and make yourself feel at home surrounded by friends and family away from home.

Like in the middle-east, after the prayers the people will greet and embrace each other spreading love, exchange “Salaams” forgiving each other for whatever the mistakes they have made.

You may also make new friends that are of the same religion as you but from a different culture, and learn new customs from them that are similar to yours but yet so different.


This is also the time for the Muslims to donate and help the less abled. Eid is a time of celebration and people wear new clothes and prepare various meals to celebrate this day, and there are people in this country who cannot afford to do so. Thus it is your chance to be their hero and their savior, so while you are here in Sri Lanka during the Eid 2018, you could go to a rural Islamic village and shower them with presents, bringing out the true meaning of Eid.

Visit the beautiful Local Mosques

While you are in Sri Lanka during the Eid of 2019, you can visit the following local mosques so as to learn about the Islamic culture here and to admire the beauty of the unique architectural value. Here is a list of Mosques and where to find them.

  • Red Mosque – Colombo 11 (Second cross street and main street)

  • White Mosque – Matara

  • Jummah Mosque – Vavunia

  • Asna Mosque – Akurana

  • Abrar Mosque – Beruwala

  • Onion Mosque – Beruwala

  • Ketchimala – Beruwala

  • Galle Fort Mosque – Galle

  • Dewatagaha Mosque – Colombo 7

  • Kollupitiya Jummah Mosque

The food is always good

Eid means you break the fasting, so why not try some unique Sri Lankan cuisine for a change. Apart from the traditional Eid dishes like Watalappan and Biryani, here is a list of must try Sri Lankan Halal Dishes that you can enjoy during this Eid vacation.

Kiri Bath (milk rice)

This is a traditional dish of Sri Lankans, we cook this on every special occasion from the New Year to the birthdays. It is rice cooked with coconut milk with a pinch of salt added to bring out the taste, and this goes especially with a curry called the “katta Sambal” which is grounded chillie with onions and dried fish.

Pol Sambal (coconut sambal)

This is a curry that the Sri Lankans would and could eat it with anything that is edible, it is that attached with the culture of us. So don’t forget to taste this while you are on your vacation.

Ambul Thiyal

This is a traditional method that has been used since the early days to preserve fish, where cubes of fish is cooked with all the unique spices until it’s dry.

Isso Wade (Prawn Wade)

Even though it is not a traditional dish it is one which is highly appreciated amongst the locals, a Sri Lankan favorite. However this will not be served in the fancy restaurants or the hotels that you will stay over, but wherever you go in the roads or on the beach you will see a man walking with a trolley selling these.


Sri Lanka apart from being a world famous tourist destination is also the best place for shopping during the festive seasons. The locals love to go to shopping festivals during such times, hence the shop owners, designers and retailers get together during these times and have shopping festival so that the people could buy whatever they need under one roof.

So don’t forget to step into a shopping festival to buy the finest of materials, clothing and everything you need to enjoy eid this June.

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